Let keyword three necessary skills ranked the home page

, the station optimization

1, the website structure optimization: rational planning site architecture, flat structure, auxiliary navigation settings (breadcrumb navigation, navigation), content pages interspersed with long tail keywords connection anchor text set.

two, the construction of the chain

1, Links: looking for high quality website, do Links, to enhance the site’s weight; link demands: looking for high quality links, can refer to the following standards, such as: included, site updates, there is no penalty, such as the quality of content, site layout, and PR etc.. At the same time, should be associated with other peer sites or industry websites Link Exchange is the best read more

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The website to win at the starting line Friends of the chain how to maximize utility

wrote the first article of the cat said after the search engine to Baidu as standard, so to see where the best time Baidu included in more than 100, of course included more better.

a few columns have talked about the website later, that is to say, buddy’s website has been done, then we will start the promotion website. On the Internet, if you want to allow more users to see you, concern you, find you in Baidu where, so the most effective way is to join the site outside the chain to publicity, let more platform know web presence. Good website if you do not go to the publicity, so no one knows. So if your buddies to advertise read more

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Outside the station operation we need to make a commitment to the search engine

we often say to search engine to give your site good ranking the first search engine need to trust our website, so we need to make some commitment to the search engine, this is just a metaphor, which is our station operating in the need to pay attention to the problem.

The Second.

chain is not released. The first commitment spam links

some water for a little wooden knife himself outside the station operation summary, given the search engine a promise, search engine will give you a surprise, the surprise is what. read more

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ncrease site traffic love Shanghai know new ways of drainage

this method is mainly to improve work efficiency, suitable for those large enterprises website, these enterprises usually need to do a lot of love to ask Shanghai to know drainage and increase user confidence, operation method is the same with the question and answer way. The difference is we need to use the search function to search QQ love Shanghai know mutual love Shanghai know such words, these groups in the promotion personnel will help each other, so as to enhance the efficiency of. read more

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n the face of love Shanghai how we should constantly adjust the algorithm to optimize the site

As for why

two, Links website construction

as early as last year, love Shanghai have repeatedly explained the importance of the original article for the website, and clearly pointed out that will improve the high quality content for the website ranking effect. But according to the observation of the author in recent months, love Shanghai for weight value of the original site did not improve, the main factors affecting the rankings now or the chain, this is not the result but after Weakness lends wings to rumours., after several months of observation on dozens of websites. read more

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Love is due to improper anatomical optimization Shanghai right down five factors

, can not carry out keyword accumulation: many websites think their keywords accumulated it can get quite good weight, add a lot of keywords in the title and keywords properties are also very sensitive, hate this way the search engine is the optimization method, but also very outdated, so the key words do not can be piled up

four, often change the site structure and classification template: most of this is the trip of the webmaster "bad habits", feel the site is not nice, the website structure is not reasonable, so this move, there to repair, even the face of every search engine every two or three days, let you feel the site is not stable, logical will less to your site search crawl, the general template must change for more than 2 months or more read more

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How to do the ordinary enterprise web site optimization

The second step:

?The first step: choose the keywords

(1): https://adwords. keywords tool aristocratic nobility baby baby贵族宝贝/select/KeywordToolExternal.

3, the reasonable layout of the

As Have internal links between web page and web site within the

2, a reasonable link station

many customers are creating their own enterprise website does not take into account the importance of a website in the network competition of the same industry, thus leading to many enterprise website finished became a vase, businesses to producers complain that the site has no effect, but the producers will escape from their own mistakes, think that this site is according to the enterprise own ideas. read more

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magine love Shanghai second pages of relevant keywords

Imagine a In addition

I like to say, as a user, search for certain keywords, search after the top ten websites I have a point, but a look is not the content of their needs, and then it will not exceed 1 minutes off, and then find second pages, second pages of the point, did not find, then, when the pages to find ten pages, the search engine will be closed on the site around inside. Then it will love Shanghai according to some algorithm on some website weight increase, because users get what they need. read more

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Whether the details view web pages using ALT tags and correct wording

map refers to indicate the small website home page with 15 pictures, 0 no "ALT" label. You can view the situation related to their web page through this method.

, by myip.cn detection of web images are labeled "ALT". In a small series of small Hunan push for example. Open the myip.cn after the query type the web address bar, click the query, as shown below.

three through tool.chinaz贵族宝贝/Tools/PageCode.aspx, enter the web page address, select "click query code coloring after all" < img> "code to see if there is a ALT in the label and if it is written correctly. Figure: read more

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How to use the long tail keywords to improve the optimization speed of the new station in Shanghai L

as a webmaster, want to make their new sites to attract traffic as soon as possible, as soon as possible to enhance the ranking, Shanghai dragon is essential, but the specific use what method can let Shanghai dragon quickly? Within the chain, usually the increasing use of the original content and the chain of these methods can not achieve the purpose of? Of course, Shanghai dragon the most basic way that some is still very effective, but the chain in the construction site should be considered, it will take time, increase the original content also need time to accumulate, and increase the number of new sites in the short term the chain is being K dangerous, so these methods require a certain amount of time to run. If you want to quickly make Shanghai dragon to reuse, long tail keywords is a good way. read more

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Google PR style is still to promote industrial chain network promotion


industry chainThe role of PR

PR led the network to promote the

because most sites are responsible for the highly valued Google PR value, so improve website PR value also gradually become an important basic network knowledge, and around the Google PR value there is a network promotion industry chain.

Google position is still strong

did not like go9go link exchange platform at the time, even the most webmaster forums are not link exchange plate. So at that time to find Links very difficult. Did the work link friends all know, exchange links are easy to start, behind more and more difficult to find suitable. As the founder of go9go do friendship chain. read more

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6 28 love from Shanghai K station event site title writing natural feeling

4, make the title of the site into natural keyword or from the user’s perspective, before the title of the website still is 50 words or more, and through natural keywords into the site title, usually only 30 words left.

The word "

3, make the title of the site keywords and I thought of the nature into the own website is a good thing, you thought not, if you do the site keywords too much, so these words will not disturb your energy? The Internet has been saying: key words more and more site traffic, but you can not, you can attract traffic end? Now view is: do fine achievements of keywords, web site quality, so that web traffic is not many, but the traffic is able to improve your income flow, we love to compare Shanghai to promote bidding, why should be creative, but also not because I want to through precise matching to improve the conversion rate, and we in the web site of the title of the choice above can do. read more

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Brush love Shanghai ranked sentence explains what

today, there are media reports of an article entitled "selling cheating software designed to help people brush love Shanghai rank" article, the article tells the story of two buddy love Shanghai using software search results, for their revenue, the impact of the other user’s search experience to love Shanghai, love Shanghai company also caused the direct economic loss, damage to the love of the brand image of Shanghai, produced a bad influence to the search engine market, the Internet ecosystem. The result was on suspicion of the crime of destroying computer information system of public prosecution of two buddy, a person sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 3 years and 6 months, a man was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months, suspended for 3 years, two of the illegal income shall be confiscated. The two buddy is very unfortunate, maybe they themselves did not realize that this is a kind of illegal behavior. However, we in this matter should not only understand this behavior is illegal, as the Shanghai dragon staff, should see some rules of love Shanghai ranking. read more

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Case analysis the site is the reason and solving method of the hair

The The predecessor of

website has a lot of garbage outside the chain, love Shanghai included the number and chain quality disparity is large, and there are not many related sites outside the chain, and a chain of the platform to do outside the chain of large proportion.

Two, the replacement of the

, delete the original website, all revision

to love to complain

because of his work, engaged in the website operation, so it can write many high-quality tutorials, do not force yourself to write every day, but every article is my article. To keep up with half a month. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis invalid refund for the owners to lift menace from the rear

problems in the website to solve as soon as possible, but there will be a lot of concerns, do not know is not really able to really solve the problem fundamentally, so many Shanghai dragon diagnosis team what which is the most effective, in the online search in a circle, finally, still hesitating and each said their technology and service are first-class, is the most effective, but what is really true? This is the result, the webmaster can make nothing of it, in the choice of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services must be carefully chosen dragon team Shanghai trustworthy diagnosis. read more

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SEMWatch series noble baby Analytics installation answer

thank you for your participation, SEMWatch quiz series first article: noble baby Analytics installation question has come to an end, according to the problems, we focus on the answer to questions. Thank guest blue whale given detailed answer.

blue: a link to the original window open and opens a new window and statistics will not affect the GA of the data, the time stamp GA after using the timestamp page minus previous page to calculate the page residence time, according to a visit Session page browsing rate calculated out. So the links are set to open _blank will not affect the accuracy of the data in a new window. read more

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The four problem worth your attention in the construction of the enterprise site

I found a lot of enterprise site also appeared Table abuse problems. First, why these sites love with Table, instead of div+css? Table: first when editing is relatively simple, can be directly in the DW which can be directly edited simple. Second, have a web site should be clear, the compatibility of Table browser will be better than div+css, some people in order to save debugging time directly using Table. I just find a business site, we take a look at the code, as shown below:

: a Flash site whether the abuse of read more

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Small foam the website of Shanghai Longfeng novice start text


Update ?

well, my article introduced here, welcome to the small foam under the guidance of. QQ:813793127

This paper is composed of small

now all walks of life so to get a website beyond count, the site began to do the promotion, we must first analyze the basic situation of the website, including the degree of competition, what are the competitors, and the strength of competitors to.

2, the content of the web siteWhen the


3, every day to ensure the chain number fixed increase

Mo, Ji’an Fujia Guangxi model (贵族宝贝fjgmx贵族宝贝) network series published, welcome to reprint, please respect the personal work achievement, keep this link please reprint, > read more

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Research on the search engine optimization strategy of enterprise website

site index data: the PR value, Alexa website ranking, website snapshot data view the site through the query tool, because the PR value of the site, rankings, the snapshot index will to a certain extent affect the site’s ranking, only to understand the information of competitors, to develop appropriate coping strategies.

2, website history: see the whois domain name information, understand the opponent website domain name age, record, all the information and so on, sometimes we can see that the market scope of the enterprise through these information, ready to better compete with. read more

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Sogou search mobile client first WeChat released 3 headlines

local life, is based on the geographic location of the user as a starting point, covering film, group purchase, delivery, and other consumer scene delicacy, can meet the user’s demand and local life service based on near.

bar code price, can realize the query product information by scanning the barcode, and support real-time parity, integrated commodity encyclopedic information, open online and offline shopping scene.

is an extension of the headlines, after Sogou WeChat search platform to the public, through the support of WeChat account login, user interest patterns and improve the classification recognition and automatic identification tag technology, attention to user behavior feedback at the same time, through the integration of WeChat big data analysis, WeChat provides the contents of the public number for the user, to meet user personalized reading experience. read more

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