09 years personal webmaster how to go there is a way out

          from 04 years since the beginning of contact with the network, has been working hard in the Internet industry, four years of personal websites, money did not earn much, but the body collapsed. Four years, how many days and nights to do in the computer, watching the boring code and study, for the flow of the site and worry. Chose the industry has never regretted, and must go down this road, everything is because of interest.

          09 years to Suzhou’s development, because the university did not end, only a high school diploma to find a job is not very good, here 10 genius to work in an Internet company responsible for website promotion, a month before the 1.5k, the consumption side is also very high, for a my month one meal a day, they say people or more able to endure hardship, is what I feel, what we are suffering, loneliness can survive. In this company for more than a month, I feel no future development, the weekend to the talent market continue to find a job, very hit, diploma is not enough, direct pass dropped. At that time I had an idea, I must have that Big Ben, not professional, but also live together. Hey ~ it’s not easy. But a lot of vote resume, met with brother, a Shandong man, ha ha, let me to his company, because he’s too far, can only give him a part-time, directly to a monthly salary to me, that feeling was so good trust. read more

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A hard work for three years grassroots webmaster grassroots thinking

recently built a personalized domain name website, do the words "Id", and as usual, the first is to find information everywhere from the Internet, and then add a page, in the site later, made a big head, tim. However, this does not matter, who let you have no money, there is the so-called yes, to see so many personalities of the net name, I suddenly began to ask myself: which is the most personality? What kind of personality is the most?


because I am poor, so I want to make money, to make money, I chose a way to make money: do the webmaster, do the webmaster to do a website, website also have traffic, traffic flow, in order to make money, also cannot be garbage flow, after all, your website content was more useful to others. Useful, the greater the chance of you. read more

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2009 a personal webmaster’s confusion

spent three or four years in the end in this website, the number of harvest I don’t know, now about to graduate employment but do not want the individual owners to continue, may go to have nothing to do with the internet post, may also go to a professional network company, of course, is my personal website hobbies, even if the future really has nothing to do with the word individual stationmaster I will always pay attention to the number of the large groups.

website has been an important force in the diversification of the Internet world, many large web sites are beginning to rely on personal webmaster can grow up, such as the recent Ali mother, as well as earlier Google Adsense in Chinese promotion, can be said that the individual stationmaster contributed a large part of the Internet, China rely on these personal webmaster gradually to every corner of the information network. read more

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From the campus network happy network to micro blog WeChat secret social products for ten years

Abstract: in my opinion, we Chinese difficult through simple online information and online communication is to build trust, met to really get to know a person, only online in order to truly in-depth and effective communication. So we do "meeting" is to try to combine online and offline, to help users build an effective career social platform.

a "ten years of watercress, a typical elite community ups and downs", stirred up a number of literary and artistic youth of this China’s most representative community regrets and memories. As a skilled worker, it seems difficult to have such a resonance. read more

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From the site to all network entrepreneurs

Hello everyone, I’m the head of the 96 webmaster forum, www.96zz.cn A5 forum ID called chord into the network, the first to webmaster web home, previously in its A5 forum rushing around. Today, I happen to find so many people paying attention to my forum. I am here to thank A5 for its popularity and thank you for your consistent support! Thank you!

!I am also a

first and everyone in the same hard pioneer colleagues! From the beginning of April 2008 germination entrepreneurial idea quit to work for 09 years in February officially launched the website, until now has more than 10000 members, began to establish a forum of stationmaster operation career! Various difficulties experienced during the difficult and unpleasant is only yourself! I suddenly look back what I found nothing, just get a bunch of out of order website program! Do you my website N times, from the beginning to spend 12000 yuan for the LRD to do a ASP station to mid spent 5000 yuan to find a GRD ASPX pirate station and then to their understanding of the A5 forum and I spent too much time and energy and money on the site, but there is no improvement! I am very grateful to the A5 forum gave me a chance, I can sell some forum through the A5 collection Collection of small programs, earn some living expenses. read more

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Challenging popular intelligence in Web Analytics 1 Bounce Rate


this series of articles should be specially invited by NetConcepts’s Allen. It was also the first article to be done on a commuter train.

must the wisdom of the masses be the correct wisdom? Perhaps you have also heard the word "·" for most people. No matter where you are, because of the "popular wisdom", higher IQ does not always ensure that we make the right decisions, as 36kr article said, smart people may sometimes be easy. So this series of articles is looking at what popular intelligence in the field of web analytics might lead you astray". In the first article, we will focus on bounce rate. read more

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