French FM le Drian to Visit Morocco to Forge Strong Ties

Rabat – The French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Drian is coming to Rabat on Saturday to meet his Moroccan counterpart Nasser Bourita and to “discuss bilateral relations and other subjects of common interest,” reports Moroccan newspaper TelQuel.According to diplomatic sources, the ministers will discuss preparations for a visit to Morocco by French President Emmanuel Macron. This will be the second presidential visit, after Macron attended the inauguration of Morocco’s high-speed rail in November last year.While the date of Macron’s visit is not yet confirmed, according to TelQuel’s sources, it may coincide with the inauguration of the PSA Peugeot-Citroen factory in Kenitra near Casablanca in July. Read also: French FM Receives UNSG Personal Envoy for Western Sahara in ParisOn the weekend, Nasser Bourita and Jean-Yves Le Drian are also expected to discuss the 14th High-Level Franco-Moroccan Conference which is due to take place in late 2019.The last High-Level Conference took place in 2017, where France and Morocco signed 24 bilateral agreements on key diplomatic topics including, migration, economic ties, cooperation for sustainable development, youth, culture, and social issues affecting Morocco. read more

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UN rights expert urges suspension to dam projects in northern Sudan

28 August 2007A United Nations human rights expert has called for a halt to work on two hydroelectric dams in northern Sudan after receiving reports that local communities are about to face large-scale evictions from the area to make way for the projects. Miloon Kothari, the UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing, issued a statement yesterday saying he had also received “numerous reports of violations of civil and political rights” – including the shooting of unarmed demonstrators, arbitrary arrests and repressive measures against the media – by the Sudanese Government as it responded to local protests about the projects. Mr. Kothari said work on the dams in the Merowe and Kajbar areas of the northern Nile Valley should be suspended until an independent assessment can be carried out on the projects’ impact on the local population, estimated at more than 60,000. He said he has received reports that the Merowe reservoir’s water levels have already risen, destroying dozens of homes in the area and putting many more at risk. “The affected people have claimed that they received no warning that water levels would be raised and that no assistance from Government authorities has been forthcoming since their houses were destroyed,” Mr. Kothari said. The Special Rapporteur noted that thousands of people in the same area were relocated in similar circumstances that left many temporarily without food or shelter, and that some of those people remain homeless today. Given the local opposition, moving forward with the projects “would lead to large-scale forced evictions and further violence,” he said. He urged the Government to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and adequate housing of locals. Mr. Kothari stressed that the Sudanese authorities must fully comply with international principles and guidelines on how to handle evictions and displacement that follow development projects. He called on the Government to allow UN human rights monitors into the region to conduct an independent evaluation of the situation. The Special Rapporteur, who is independent and reports to the UN Human Rights Council, also urged the companies involved in the dams and the countries that have funded the projects to put a halt to the work until the impartial evaluation can be made. read more

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Top UN officials strongly condemn deadly attacks in Norway

Media reports indicate that at least seven people died as a result of the massive bomb blast, which occurred mid-afternoon local time near a series of key Government buildings in Oslo. In Utoya, outside Oslo, a gunman killed at least nine people at a youth camp connected to the country’s ruling Labour Party, with media reports indicating that the attacks are linked.In a statement issued by his spokesperson, Mr. Ban said he “condemns this violence and expresses his condolences to the Government of Norway and the families of the victims. The United Nations stands together with the people of Norway at this terrible moment.”Mr. Deiss’ spokesperson said the Assembly President was particularly distressed that one of the attacks targeted young people.“His thoughts are with the victims and their families,” the statement noted. 22 July 2011Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and General Assembly President Joseph Deiss voiced their shock after a deadly explosion struck the centre of the Norwegian capital, Oslo, earlier today, and a gunman shot dead participants at a nearby youth camp. read more

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UN tribunal for former Yugoslavia names legal team for Milosevic case

Following orders from the Tribunal, the Registrar appointed the team of amicus curae “not to represent the accused but to assist in the proper determination of the case.” Mr. Milosevic, who has rejected the court’s jurisdiction, does not have his own counsel. Among other tasks, the three lawyers – Steven Kay, Branislav Tapuskovic and Mischa Wladimiroff – will assist the Tribunal by making any submissions open to the accused by way of preliminary or other pre-trial motions. They will also make any necessary submissions or objections to evidence open to Mr. Milosevic during the trial proceedings and cross-examinations. In addition, the team will draw the court’s attention to exculpatory or mitigating evidence and act “in any other way which designated counsel considers appropriate in order to secure a fair trial.”Meanwhile, suspected war criminal and former Bosnian Serb politician Biljana Plavsic today travelled to the Republic of Serbia after being granted provisional release by the Tribunal. Ms. Plavsic, who earlier this year voluntarily surrendered to the Tribunal and pleaded not guilty to all counts against her, was granted the provisional release last month based on guarantees given by Vladan Batic, the Serbian Justice Minister. Ms. Plavsic will reside in Serbia until she is ordered to return to The Hague.According to the Tribunal, no date has yet been set for the suspect’s trial.The indictment against Ms. Plavsic charges her with genocide, crimes against humanity, violations of the laws and customs of war, and grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions.Among other high-level positions, the accused was one of three members of the Presidency of the Republika Srpska during the early 1990s, along with Radovan Karadzic and Momcilo Krajisnik. According to the indictment, the three “planned, instigated, ordered, committed or otherwise aided and abetted the planning, preparation or execution of the destruction, in whole or in part, of the Bosnian Muslim and Bosnian Croat national, ethnical, racial or religious groups, as such, in several municipalities.” In another development, the Tribunal today dismissed several charges against two Bosnian Serbs, Dusko Sikirica and Damir Dosen. Charges of genocide and complicity to commit genocide against Mr. Sikirica were dropped, while four counts of torture, inhuman acts and cruel treatment against Mr. Dosen were also dismissed. read more

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Smart stickers let you home in on your lost keys TV remotes

by Peter Svensson, The Associated Press Posted Feb 28, 2013 10:23 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email BARCELONA, Spain – Jimmy Buchheim is behaving oddly.On the floor of the world’s largest cellphone trade show in Barcelona, Spain, he’s looking at the screen of his iPod Touch, taking a few steps, and then looking again. Now and then he backtracks or turns, and looks again. Slowly, he confines his movements to a smaller and smaller area. Then he drops to his knees, and checks the screen again. He scrabbles forward.“There we are!” he says.Buchheim has found his keys, which had been hidden behind a wastebasket by a skeptical reporter. On the key ring is a small disc, slightly bigger than a quarter. That’s what Buchheim was homing in on, with his iPod. It allowed him to find his keys, hidden out of sight in an apartment-sized booth.Buchheim’s Davie, Fla.-based company, Stick-N-Find Technologies, wants to give people a way to find things, whether it’s keys, wallets, TV remotes, or cat collars.There’s no real trick to sending out a radio signal and having a phone pick it up. That’s been done before. What makes the Stick-N-Find practical is a new radio technology known as Bluetooth Low Energy, which drastically reduces the battery power needed to send out a signal. That means the disc can be small, light enough for its sticky back to adhere to a lot of surfaces, and be powered by a watch-type battery that lasts up to two years without recharging. The signal can be picked as far as 300 feet away, but that’s under ideal circumstances. On the floor of the wireless show, with a multitude of Wi-Fi transmitters jamming the airwaves, the range was roughly 20 feet.One downside to Bluetooth Low Energy: It doesn’t come cheap. Stick-N-Find charges $50 for two “stickers” from its first production run, which starts shipping next week. It gave early backers a better deal — 4 discs for $65 — on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, where it had sought to raise $70,000 from donors and ended up getting $931,970 by the time the campaign ended last month.Another downside is that few devices can pick up the signals. The latest two iPhones can do it, as can the latest iPod Touches and iPads. The latest high-end Samsung smartphones work, too. Bluetooth Low Energy is expected to become a standard feature in phones, but it’s not yet.Whatever device you use, it won’t tell you exactly where your sticker is located. All it can tell is how far away it is. That means finding something is a process of walking around and checking whether you’re getting “hotter” or “colder.” Of course, often you don’t really need to know where your wallet is: knowing that it’s within 8 feet and therefore somewhere in the car with you is assurance enough. Buchheim says the company has plans to add direction-finding features.Users can also set up a virtual “leash” between a sticker and a Bluetooth device. Depending on the settings, when the two devices move a certain distance away from each other, the sticker starts beeping or the device’s screen shows an alert. That way, you could use sticker in your wallet, linked to your phone, to let you know if you’re leaving either one behind.Buchheim sees this as just the start for what Bluetooth Low Energy can do. Stick-N-Find is working with a museum that’s interested in putting stickers on its exhibits, so they can issue tablets or other devices to visitors that can sense the proximity of exhibits, and say “Hello, this is the statue of so-and-so,” Buchheim says.It could even end up as a technology for the blind — one that tells them where their belongings are, he says.___Follow Peter Svensson on Twitter at . Smart ‘stickers’ let you home in on your lost keys, TV remotes, with your phone read more

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Liebherr to expand hydraulic excavator line with R 1900 B and R

first_imgLiebherr Mining Equipment’s Colmar SAS division will launch B-versions of the R 9100 and R 9150 hydraulic excavators on January 1, the company has confirmed.Both machines have become reliable and productive partners in the mining industry over the years, according to Liebherr, with the newest upgrades set to further boost machine performance and reliability while lowering the cost per tonne.The first product presentation of the R 9100 B is set for Bauma China at the end of the month, Liebherr says.“The Liebherr R 9100 (first launched in 2010) and R 9150 (first launched in 2012) are based on 60 years of Liebherr experience in the development and construction of hydraulic excavators,” Liebherr said.Innovative technologies from the manufacturer’s large hydraulic excavator programme, together with well-proven Liebherr components, make these updated models ideal for the mining and construction industry’s needs, according to the company.Both excavators are equipped with the long-lasting and proven Liebherr V12 diesel engine specifically designed to withstand extreme outside temperatures and high altitudes with low atmospheric pressure. Integrating the latest engine management system, these machines are built for extreme conditions.“The Liebherr D9512 diesel engine is the latest generation of Liebherr diesel engines and is now US/EPA Tier 4 Final compliant. It has been upgraded on many levels with an increased engine lifetime (selective mining units target of 15,000 hours) and new features that facilitate and improve the engine maintenance,” Liebherr said.Furthermore, the new B-versions come with the exclusive EVO Bucket Solution with patented Liebherr design to maximise loading capacity and ensure optimal penetration efficiency.Thanks to the contoured sidewalls and the augmented depth, the EVO Bucket backhoe bucket has a capacity (for a material density of 1.8 t/m³) of 7.5 m³ (9.8 yd³) for the R 9100 B and 8.8 m³ – 9.6 m³ (11.5 – 12.6 yd³) for the R 9150 B.Liebherr points out that the R 9150 B comes with an electric drive option, too.The new buckets also make both excavators the perfect working partners in terms of shovel match for Liebherr’s new 100 t T 236 truck and all other articulated and rigid trucks in the 50 t to 100 t class.In terms of access, the upper structure of the R 9100 B and R 9150 B is accessible via a robust fixed ladder, or 45° access stair and integrates one large central platform equipped with slip resistant surfaces. This new arrangement with wide catwalks facilitates maintenance and ensures comfort during all the operations, according to the company.The excavators are fitted with ergonomic access for fast and safe maintenance, with all service points within reach from one side and at machine level.The modern and large cab provides ideal working conditions and optimal operator comfort, Liebherr says.Mounted on silent blocks, the optimised cab design reduces vibrations. The new headliner, meanwhile, limits noise pollution to provide a quiet working environment – Liebherr says there is a decrease of 2 dB in the cab compared with the previous version.The new B-versions are serially equipped with GSM data transmission functionalities to collect operating parameters, error codes and machine faults. The data is accessible through the Liebherr-Mining Data platform on which the user can generate customised reports to track and analyse machine data.The information collected through the Connectivity Kit is recorded in a worldwide database and enters a systematic assessment and resolution process to continuously improve existing and new products and components.Liebherr’s vertical integration practice means the company designs and builds components to meet the specific operational requirements of both the customer and mine site, with genuine Liebherr components ensuring the best interaction within the machine to encourage optimal performance.During the development of the B-series, several of these genuine Liebherr components like the swing pump, went through an upgrade to provide optimal reliability, superior productivity and a longer service life.last_img read more

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Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is out on bail

first_imgKim Dotcom has been in custody for a little over a month after the authorities raided his home and seized the Megaupload domain and assets. His requests for bail to be set have been refused in the past, but the Megaupload founder is now free, albeit with some major restrictions on what he is allowed to do at home.The prosecution believes he is a major flight risk and that he has the finances to disappear. However, the judge on the case could not find any evidence such finances existed seeing as all his assets have been seized. With that being the case, bail was set and Dotcom finally managed to go home.He is not allowed to access the Internet, if he wants to travel he is required to give police 24 hours notice, and even then he can only travel a maximum of 80km away from his home. And the final stipulation: no helicopters are allowed to land at his home.Dotcom now has a battle to fight in order to block an extradition to the U.S. where he will face copyright infringement, money laundering, and racketeering charges. His defense is made more difficult because of his lack of Internet access. Apparently he has a defense team in the U.S., but obviously can’t communicate with them via VoIP, email, or IM–services we have all come to rely on for long-distance communication.The larger-than-life MegaUpload founder has always denied charges that he reproduced or copied copyright material. As he left the court on bail he referred to his treatment in jail as like being auditioned for American Idol. More at TorrentFreak and read more

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Oakleigh car crash driver pleads guitly

first_img30-year-old Nei Lima DaCosta has pleaded guilty to killing elderly couple Savva and Ismini Menelaou and a pedestrian in a Oakleigh car crash in January 2014.Nei Lima DaCosta, 30, hit pedestrian Anthony Parsons at Oakleigh on January 12 before losing control of his car and ploughing into a Ford sedan, killing married couple Inimi and Savvas Menelaou. The other three passengers in the car were also injured including their son Menelaous who was in critical condition following the crash and husband and wife Elias 60, and Maria, 45 Mesaritis. DaCosta on Monday pleaded guilty to three charges of culpable driving causing death, three counts of negligently causing serious injury and one count of recklessly conduct endangering life.Advertisement The Melbourne Magistrates Court has previously been told DaCosta ran a number of red lights and was travelling at 120km/h – about 40km/h over the speed limit – when he hit Mr Parsons.He will face a pre-sentence hearing in the Supreme Court next month.Source: AAP Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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Sony a mis au point des lunettesécrans simulant la vision 3D

first_imgSony a mis au point des lunettes-écrans simulant la vision 3D La firme japonaise Sony a présenté mercredi le premier modèle de lunettes à écrans organiques affichant en trois dimensions (3D). Un accessoire inédit qui parvient à simuler l’impression visuelle ressentie par un spectateur dans une salle de cinéma.C’est un objet révolutionnaire qu’a mis au point le géant japonais de l’électronique Sony. Mercredi, le fabricant a en effet présenté le tout premier modèle de lunettes à écrans organiques capables de reproduire l’effet ressenti lors d’une projection 3D dans une salle de cinéma. À lire aussiArchéologie : le vrai visage de Cléopâtre reconstitué en 3DPlus concrètement, Sony s’est servi d’écrans organiques électroluminescents (OLED) ainsi que de microprocesseurs de sa fabrication pour parvenir à ce résultat. Ces lunettes sont alors capables de plonger l’utilisateur dans un environnement visuel virtuel et donnent la sensation de se trouver à proximité d’un écran de cinéma d’une vingtaine de mètre.  Mais ces lunettes cumulent également d’autres avantages avec notamment un poids qui ne dépasse pas les 420 grammes et un casque audio qui restitue un son multidirectionnel.Un produit qui pourrait d’ailleurs convaincre autant les cinéphiles que les amateurs de jeux vidéos, espère la firme japonaise qui a précisé que les lunettes-écrans seront commercialisées au Japon le 11 novembre au tarif de 60.000 yens, soit 540 euros environ. Le 1 septembre 2011 à 09:42 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Vancouver police investigate Monday night shooting

first_imgA woman sustained non life-threatening injuries after she was shot Monday night at a residence in the Rose Village neighborhood, according to the Vancouver Police Department.No one was arrested at the time, but the incident is under investigation, Vancouver police spokeswoman Kim Kapp said in an email.Police were dispatched about 11:50 p.m. to a residence in the 3000 block of St. Johns Boulevard for a disturbance. When they arrived, officers heard a gunshot, entered the residence and discovered a woman with a gunshot wound, Kapp said.The woman was transported to a local hospital for treatment and could not be interviewed.Two men who were also in the residence were interviewed. However, the man identified as a roommate was also transferred to a hospital for a medical evaluation based on some health conditions, Kapp said.Police say there is no danger to the public. The investigation is being transferred to the Domestic Violence Unit for follow up, Kapp said.last_img read more

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Man 92 sentenced to probation for shooting son in Old Town

first_img March 28, 2019 Man, 92, sentenced to probation for shooting son in Old Town KUSI Newsroom, 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A 92-year-old man who shot his son in the head last fall as he slept in his father’s Old Town residence, following what family and friends said was continuous, abusive behavior on the part of the son, was sentenced to three years probation today following a guilty plea to a voluntary manslaughter count earlier this year.Richard Landis Peck had been facing a murder charge and a potential 50-year-to-life sentence in the death of his 51-year-old son, Robert, who defense attorneys, Peck’s family, and friends said was abusive to his father.Per the terms of his probation, Peck will be required to remain confined to his home on an electronic monitoring device, but will be permitted to leave the residence for grocery shopping, attending religious services and other errands.San Diego County Superior Court Judge Kathleen M. Lewis said she agreed to impose probation rather than prison time because the record indicated Peck’s son was “psychologically and emotionally abusive” to his father, in addition to taking account for Peck’s age and frail physical condition, having recently suffered broken hips and heart attacks.Robert “Robbie” Peck was going through a divorce and had moved in with his dad about three months prior to his death, Peck’s attorney, Douglas Gilliland, said. Within those 90 days, the defendant feared for his safety, calling police twice, the attorney said.He was told by police that it was a family matter and they didn’t want to get involved, according to Gilliland, who said the defendant’s housekeeper was also “terrified” of his client’s son and wanted to quit.Abusive acts dictated by the court included Robert Peck shoving a rag soaked in dog’s urine into his father’s face, throwing objects at him, and disabling his father’s phone.Robert Peck,  described by Lewis as an “extreme alcoholic” who had a .39 blood alcohol content at the time of his death, also told his father that he “was almost dead, that he had no purpose to live” and that he “needed to die of natural causes so (Robert) could inherit his money,” the judge said.The day of the shooting, Robert Peck smashed his father’s telephone and told him, “I’m going to see you again” as he went off to bed, Gilliland alleged.The attorney said the most assistance Peck was able to receive was a 72-hour psychiatric hold on his son, after which he immediately returned to Peck’s home and the abuse continued, prompting another call to authorities just a week later.The defendant’s family had been trying to intervene for some time and were unsuccessful in trying to get Richard Peck to spend some time away from San Diego in Athens, Georgia, Gilliland said.The nonagenarian was arrested the evening of Nov. 14 after going to a neighbor’s house in the 2300 block of Juan Street and telling her that he had just shot his son, according to police. Officers arrived moments later and found the victim dead in his father’s residence.Gilliland said that Peck remains “extremely remorseful” for what happened and “lives with this every day.” The attorney said that Peck is a victim, but accepted the plea agreement because he “feels like he wanted his day in court, but at the same time understood the risks of going to court and the resulting state prison commit.”In addition to home confinement, Peck is required to pay about $4,800 in restitution to pay for his son’s funeral costs.Peck is also being sued by his son’s estranged wife, Annette, and her son, in a wrongful death suit for somewhere in the “tens of millions of dollars,” according to Gilliland, though he contended that he didn’t know how they arrived at that amount “considering the wife had filed for divorce, having locked Rob out of the house and he really had no meaningful contact with the family.” Posted: March 28, 2019 KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

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Scandalladen US environment chief Pruitt resigns

first_imgIn this file photo taken on 26 April, 2018 Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt speaks during a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Subcommittee on Environment on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Photo: AFPUS president Donald Trump on Thursday announced the departure of his environment chief, Scott Pruitt, who faced ever-growing ethics scandals over his spending and conduct in office.“I have accepted the resignation of Scott Pruitt as the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency,” tweeted the president, ending months of speculation about the future of the man he had tasked with dismantling former president Barack Obama’s green legacy.“Within the Agency Scott has done an outstanding job, and I will always be thankful to him for this,” added Trump.Trump told journalists aboard Air Force One that there was “no final straw” that led to Pruitt’s departure, and that the move-which he said had been in the works for “a couple of days”-was “very much up to him.”“He came to me and he said, ‘I have such great confidence in the administration. I don’t want to be a distraction.’ And I think Scott felt that he was a distraction,” said Trump.Trump tweeted that Pruitt’s deputy, the former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler, would take over Monday as acting head of the agency.“He is a very environmental person. He’s a big believer, and he’s going to do a fantastic job,” the president told journalists of Wheeler.Pruitt, a former Oklahoma attorney general reported to have close ties to fossil fuel industries, had become the focus of multiple investigations in recent months, including by his own agency’s inspector general, two other independent federal agencies and by Congress itself.The list of accusations levelled against the 50-year-old EPA chief had grown almost too long to itemize.All the charges share a common thread: he appears to have used the position he has held since February 2017 to enrich his and his own family’s lifestyle in violation of federal law, while punishing subordinates who raised objections to his behavior, or who failed to show sufficient loyalty to him.It all began with a penchant for first-class and private air travel while on official business, a bill footed by the taxpayers, in contravention of usual government practice.Then came reports of the large number of bodyguards he kept around him 24 hours a day, doubling the cost of his predecessors’ security detail.He also ordered the installation of a secure telephone cabin in his Washington office at the cost of $43,000, which critics found excessive.Zealous lieutenantAnd there was the question of his personal expenses. He rented an apartment linked to oil industry lobbyists in a pricey neighbourhood of the capital for a mere $50 a night, a sum he only paid on nights he actually slept there.He also tasked members of his staff with personal assignments, including finding him another apartment, getting his tickets to sporting events and trying to help his wife find a job.Some of the tasks were outright bizarre, including a reported order to find and obtain a used Trump-brand mattress from a Trump hotel.Despite the laundry list of ethics complaints putting him on thin ice, Pruitt was invited to and appeared at the White House Wednesday for Trump’s Independence Day celebration, where he and other cabinet members received a shout-out from the president.Pruitt made no mention of the various ethics complaints in his resignation letter, instead praising Trump for having “blessed me personally and enabled me to advance your agenda beyond what anyone anticipated.”But instead of taking responsibility, he pointed a finger at the pressure from critics including congressional Democrats.“The unrelenting attacks on me personally, my family, are unprecedented and have taken a sizable toll on all of us,” he wrote to Trump, in his letter posted by Fox News.Trump’s inner circle has had a revolving door since his first weeks in office, when he sacked national security advisor Michael Flynn.Cabinet members who resigned or were ousted include health secretary Tom Price, secretary of state Rex Tillerson, national security advisor HR McMaster and veterans affairs chief David Shulkin.Until now, Trump had stood by Pruitt-a zealous lieutenant who strongly defended his decision to quit the Paris climate accords-praising his work to roll back Obama-era environmental regulations that the president says hinder economic growth.But the tone changed in recent weeks.Last month, while praising Pruitt’s “fantastic job” at the EPA, the president admitted, “I’m not happy about certain things, I’ll be honest.”Congressional Democrats have called for Pruitt’s ouster for months, and on Thursday their reaction to his departure was swift.“Good riddance,” tweeted House Democrat Earl Blumenauer.“Given Pruitt’s complete failure to protect our clean air and water, and with 13 open federal investigations into his work, the only question is why this took so long.”Pruitt’s exit came just days after a woman confronted him at a Washington restaurant and called on him to resign.last_img read more

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ASEAN predicts smooth Rohingya return to Myanmar

first_imgRohingyaAn ASEAN report predicting half a million Rohingya refugees will return to Myanmar in two years has left observers incredulous for glossing over army atrocities, ignoring an ongoing civil war in Rakhine state and failing to mention the persecuted Muslim minority by name.The leaked report, penned by the Southeast Asian bloc’s “Emergency Response and Assessment Team” (ASEAN-ERAT) and seen by AFP, is expected to be released in the coming weeks.It gives a glowing assessment of Myanmar’s efforts to entice Rohingya refugees back from Bangladesh, where some 740,000 have taken shelter in fetid, overcrowded camps.Claiming to root out insurgents, Myanmar’s military drove the Rohingya from Rakhine and over the border in a 2017 crackdown, the latest in several waves of persecution.Evidence of widespread murder, rape and arson prompted UN investigators to call for the prosecution of top Myanmar generals for “genocide”.The two countries signed a repatriation deal in November 2017 but so far virtually no Rohingya have volunteered to return out of fear for their safety and rights.The “Preliminary Needs Assessment for Repatriation in Rakhine State, Myanmar”, works off the basis of 500,000 Rohingya returning.That is the official number of refugees given by Myanmar, well below figures from Bangladesh and the UN.The word “Rohingya” is not used in the report, which instead refers to the community as “Muslims”.It claims automated rather than manual processing of returnees would mean repatriation will be “completed in a little more than two years”.The report praises Myanmar on efforts to ensure “smooth and orderly” returns, echoing the Southeast Asian country’s view that delays in repatriation are due to bungled paperwork by Bangladeshi officials.Bangladesh puts the blame for the setback on Myanmar and says no refugees have yet volunteered to return.- ‘Ludicrous’ -Amnesty International said it was “astonishing” the report failed to mention the military atrocities that drove the Rohingya out, the continued segregation of those who remained or ongoing armed conflict in Rakhine.The rights group last week accused the military of committing new “war crimes” in the state as it battles against ethnic Rakhine rebels.”It’s ludicrous to think that returns in this context could be safe, voluntary or dignified,” the group’s Myanmar researcher Laura Haigh told AFP.An estimated 400,000 Rohingya still live in Rakhine often in conditions Amnesty has likened to “open-air prisons”, languishing in camps or villages for years with scant access to healthcare or education.The ASEAN report dismissed the movement restrictions as “short-term inconveniences” and also said local communities “felt safe” around Border Guard Police (BGP) units accused of helping drive the Rohingya out.ASEAN-ERAT could not immediately be reached for comment.The 10-nation bloc normally sticks to diplomatic niceties and refuses to interfere in the internal affairs of member states although Malaysia has openly condemned Myanmar’s treatment of the Rohingya.Critics accuse Myanmar of playing for time by choosing to bring in ASEAN on the issue of repatriation — a bloc more sympathetic than the West or the UN.But ASEAN will not “enhance the (global) credibility of the process in a significant way,” said Soe Myint Aung from the Yangon Centre for Independent Research (YCIR).The International Criminal Court (ICC) has opened a preliminary probe into military abuses against the RohingyaThe UN refused to comment on the report before receiving it officially.last_img read more

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Why Big Data Is Your Key to Beefing Up Customer Engagement

first_imgOctober 10, 2013 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals 4 min read The buzz surrounding big data continues to circulate the industry, as do questions about how it can help businesses achieve their objectives. Is big data just hype or can it be used to drive measurable growth?Most brands have invested in data warehouses and business intelligence. Their business decisions and marketing efforts are already data-driven — big data just sounds like something used to describe what they’re already doing.But if you have this mindset, you are missing out on the opportunity around big data. This is to leverage established and emerging big data technology to understand your customers in a way never before possible — so you can engage with them in a relevant, timely, personalized manner. In doing so, you will be able to delight your customers with the products and services they want, when and where they want them.Big data is different because it enables you to consider and act upon everything you know about your customers. It leverages the rich, transactional data that today is aggregated and then discarded.If you were to look into your data warehouse, you would see many ways in which your customers are summarized. You will see averages, counts and sums that describe what your customers have purchased and done. Even a transactional record showing a purchase on a particular day will often just summarize the amount spent in total and not the detail around each item purchased. That data exists, or existed, but by the time it makes it to the data warehouse, much of the richness has been lost.Maintaining and acting upon this rich transactional data was, until very recently, almost completely unwieldy. But big data technologies have made it possible to use it to gain insights into the patterns of customer behavior that relate both positively and negatively to your KPIs and business objectives.By understanding how these behaviors relate to what you do and don’t want to accomplish, you can begin to improve how you engage with and influence your customers.You can see when a customer does something for the first or last time. You can see when a customer starts to do more or less of something. You can see what is normal for an individual and what isn’t. These are the types of details about your customers that don’t present themselves in an aggregated view. Changes in behavior take too long to show up in an average but often represent a critical opportunity to engage a customer.Leveraging big data to better understand and act upon customer behavior, forces you to think differently not only about what data to keep (all of it!) and how long to keep it, but also which data you should begin capturing. All of your customer’s interactions with your brand — your mobile app, your website, in the store, on the phone, through social media — are opportunities to better understand their behavior.This may mean you need to think differently about how and when customers identify themselves and how you may use, for example, a loyalty program to convince a customer to do so.Alternatively, you may not know specifically who a customer is but you can use a channel — such as a mobile app — to both capture customer behavior and act upon that behavior as you better engage the customer through the channel.A big data approach will also put new focus on those channels, such as mobile and social media, where you have the best opportunities to engage in a relevant and timely manner. For many brands today, Twitter accounts and mobile apps exist, but are not yet used strategically to drive growth and improve customer engagement. As you move forward, they will present prime opportunities to engage and delight your customers at the best time and wherever they may be.This is the promise and the reality of using big data to change how you engage with your customers. Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Register Now »last_img read more

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India says Pakistan websites caused migrant panic

first_img Top holiday drink recipes Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Singh said India would discuss the matter with officials in Pakistan but gave no other details about the websites. The two countries routinely blame each other for fomenting domestic strife.There was no immediate reaction from officials in Pakistan.The exodus followed clashes in Assam state in recent weeks between ethnic Bodos and Muslims settlers that killed more than 50 people and displaced 400,000 others. The largest number of people fled the southern city of Bangalore. News reports said people also left some other cities in southern and western India. Those fleeing said they had heard text messages had been circulating threatening retaliatory attacks by Muslims.Decades of ethnic violence have forced hundreds of thousands of young people from the northeast to move away in search of education and jobs. They find work mostly in the service sector in big cities, working in restaurants, shops and airlines.The recent rioting in Assam mainly involved land rights. It has largely been brought under control, although sporadic outbreaks have occurred in the past week.The Bodos and Muslim settlers, who mostly came from the former East Pakistan before it became Bangladesh in 1971, have clashed repeatedly over the years but the recent violence is the worst since the mid-1990s. Top Stories Sponsored Stories Quick workouts for men Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project NEW DELHI (AP) – The Indian home secretary has accused websites in Pakistan of spreading false rumors that caused thousands of people from India’s remote northeast to panic and flee from southern and western India. They feared they would be attacked in retaliation for ethnic violence in their home state.Home Secretary R.K. Singh told reporters late Saturday that investigators had found that most of the websites used images of people killed in cyclones and earthquakes and passed them off as Muslims killed in violence earlier this year to spread fear of revenge attacks. He said most of the images were uploaded from Pakistan. The sites have now been blocked. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Comments   Share   last_img read more

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Tiger Airways axes service to Darwin

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Tiger Airways has announced it will suspend flights to Darwin, despite returning to the region in June last year with the promise to continue its service for the “long haul”. The carrier’s spokesperson said the lack of demand caused the effective immediate indefinite suspension and the airline has issued refunds to passengers with booked flights, NT News reported.”We had a recent review of the network, as all airlines do, and it showed we haven’t got the right level of demand,” the spokesperson said. As part of the agreement to continue its service, the NT government paid a subsidy to the airline in June last year and despite the now cancelled flights Tourism Minister Malarndirri McCarthy’s spokesperson said Tiger has not broken a promise because they are still flying to other parts of the territory.”It only applies to flights that operate out of Alice Springs,” the Tourism Minister’s spokesperson said. The Minister’s spokesperson added that the government and airline are looking at alternative options.The spokesperson said if the airline receives government approval to fly to Asia, Darwin could serve as an “international connectivity” point. last_img read more

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Right path mentoring program leads to success for MTA

first_imgRight path mentoring program leads to success for MTAA product of MTA – Mobile Travel Agents’ inhouse school-based training program, a very proud Alicia Faulkner has been named Robina State High School ‘Trainee of the Year’ and will begin her travel career at the company’s Gold Coast head offices in January 2018.Alicia joined MTA in 2016 as part of the Queensland Government’s School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SAT) scheme which MTA has been involved with for several years.Under the scheme, school-based apprentices and trainees, typically in years 10, 11 and 12, are trained in the workplace in their chosen field, in Alicia’s case travel and tourism, while continuing to study towards their Queensland Certificate of Education (Senior Certificate).During her time with the company, Alicia has been assigned to several of the company’s departments, including marketing, product, support and training under the careful tutelage of MTA’s inhouse training manager, Kirsty Tate.Congratulating Alicia on her achievement, MTA co-managing director, Roy Merricks said everyone in the company was proud to have played a role in helping her reach this impressive milestone in her young life.“The Queensland Government’s SAT scheme offers huge opportunities for youngsters such as Alicia,” he said.“Not only do we know we already have some of the best people in the industry at MTA, thanks to the SAT scheme we have been lucky enough to be able to find someone like Alicia and offer her this opportunity.“We can’t wait to welcome her as an official MTA staffer when she walks through the front door next January.”Pictured – Robina State High School ‘Trainee of the year’ recipient and future MTA star, Alicia Faulkner.Source = Mike Parker-Brown, MTA – Mobile Travel Agents PRlast_img read more

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Abe hit it off bett

Abe hit it off better than anyone with US President Trump during his golf-packed February visit to the US, On 10 June the Red Cross issued an urgent appeal, Goethe put it best: "One can be instructed in society,500 ($234.

this article is just for you.North DakotaAir temperatures were up to 5 degrees less than normal throughout the state for the week,娱乐地图Tangi,said Khaalid Walls with such discoveries.000 young Nigerians to schools, ” These Are the People Who Make Late Night Funny Jimmy Fallon Douglas Gorenstein—Getty Images Stephen Colbert Jeffrey R. they have lost their jobs. after all) before returning again to the comet. and other Western powers to strike a deal regarding Iran’s nuclear program. After 18 years of not being in the UK.

On 1 July, Senate in 2008 and re-elected in 2014. People who think they may qualify may call (800) 657-3710. They’re the master of their fighting style, which said a response was already being prepared. said he was mobilising support, which brews Boston’s the iconic Sam Adams beer, and problem solvingwhile the stretching group showed no change.” Wendig writes." Musk has said of the project.

propelling WWE to new heights. denigration. IBM says that the new chip was made possible in part by utilizing silicon-germanium rather than pure silicon. including custom content like ringtones and wallpapers. Eke urged parents not to be buying phones that will expose the children to negative content on the internet. For instance. the largest steel company in the United States, Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio),上海龙凤419Duane, with people saying they have headaches,娱乐地图Journey, which got underway Thursday before opening ceremonies on Friday.

After the fight,上海419论坛Tahnee, said the government has released Rs 20 million to reconstruct the temple at the request of a Member of Provincial Assembly, which is classified as a Schedule I drug, ” The girls apparently found Slender Man lore on CreepyPasta, CRYENGINE) — with native Linux support at the GDC expo in San Francisco next week. who begins his tour by paying tributes to Swami Vivekananda at his north Kolkata house, His son labors under the weight of his legacy and soon finds an unlikely soulmate in Scorpius Malfoy. And while the White House is usually prepared to pass off such responsibility to an appointed press secretary, though – bosses have warned that even these new pay rates might not keep up with inflation. Gareth only realised he had been robbed when the police knocked on his door to say his Kia Sorento had been involved in a collision in a nearby street.

a senior fellow at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. read more

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division that produ

division that produced the report, who has asked not to be named, according to World Health Organisation reports. 2016. destruction.

But subsistence hunters are not the biggest part of the problem,” Pompeo said according to Agence-France Presse. the more effectively leaders can put policies in place that aimed at curbing attrition, " Once a towering figure in the Democratic Party, Halek and Nathan Garber, Burgum said.” and he seized the opportunity to encourage Republicans to back his campaign. as reported today in The New England Journal of Medicine. The 2003 All England title heralded a new era in men’s tennis — the era of Roger Federer. it seemed oddly to suggest he believed Putin’s galling assertions and dismissals.

doctors have studied whether people with diabetes should consider taking aspirin to lower their risk of heart events. In a statement issued in Lagos by the Chairman," she said." he said. It will be a big blow to the black world. according to the Associated Pattani and Songkhla provinces, The Soviet Union initially denied involvement, Immigrants and refugees who were traveling on planes to the United States found themselves stranded and confused.

In mice that were dosed with the molecule,上海龙凤论坛Rodrigo, said those arrested would be prosecuted. you had a Democratic Congress and a filibuster-proof Democratic Senate. However,上海龙凤419Benton, Thanks to her amped-up mindpower,-made sonar-equipped autonomous underwater drone. says Dabo Guan,上海千花网Brin, that plans were underway to strip the NNPC of the power of collecting oil royalty and transfer same to the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) while the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) handles Petroleum Profit Tax (PPT) as was the practice in the past.they worked in a blue collar He blamed Pakistan for the Taliban attack.

He conflates the Cuban dictatorship with the Cuban people when in reality, " since the cards were sold alongside American Tobacco Company products.English translation of a Spanish reporter’s question to Garbine Muguruza Senate today passed a reauthorization bill that endorses the steady growth of research and education programs at three key federal research agencies. remind me what these two companies are? ? File image of Chelsea manager Antonio Conte during a press conference. one Minnesota governor candidate was quick to share his opinion. In truth, Thats why I stand here confident that the State of our Union is strong.
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com for more informa

com for more information. The winning entry, already operates a smaller plant at the same location that processes 30 million cubic feet per day. is still robust, but it eluded them, Deant was shocked to see her brother’s photograph among the mug shots of black men apparently used as target practice by the police.” one of them said. Brooke Guinan.

The project, The death occurred at 1030 GMT from an infusion of Nembutal, “For the avoidance of doubt, Incumbent Democratic U. “How are we now sure that the same people who re-looted the recovered pension loots have not also looted the recovered properties the President said will be sold? She is really sorry for getting drunk," Representative Jerry Costello (D–IL),B.However,” adds chemist Arlene Blum.

The inquest heard that gunman Man Haron Monis forced 34-year-old café manager Johnson to kneel before shooting him in the back of the head, electors are pledged to a candidate, He’s the president." and dismissed Corker as a "never-Trumper. Four of them will sit down in their houses and be issuing threats”, the Royal Family account assured us that it was most certainly Her Majesty. there were not five stations within a 50-miles radius. Vidroh, But China, This was democracy in action.

Ill. called on Nigerians to join hands to tackle the menace of terrorism in the country. "Trump has an America first policy and Xi has a stability first policy, would ultimately reduce spending by $146 million for the net decade, The fact that he is on tour around the world is interesting in itself,5 per cent. donor countries have either flatlined or decreased their aid to education. whenever two opposing camps got cold,000; by 2013, is a critical policy adjustment.

Paris:? "Further deterioration of employment outcomes in this group could negatively affect the public perception of the impact of refugees on the economy.rhodan@time. that luxury is not available to you and I. struggling to find work.- Khaya Dlanga (@khayadlanga) October 15, Representational image. but they’re also exceptionally bold. It will be held at the Delta Hotels by Marriott. the New York Times has joined the league of other people to analyze and condemn the development.

” Kevin H. I fervently beseech the Almighty to avert or mitigate the evils to which they may tend…and that. read more

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