You are Wangzhuan ownersSome discussion about post making money

this part of money is not easy, after all is the artificial posts in order to ensure the effect, so only pay more labor to have more income, this is a way to make a fortune, perhaps for you, who are interested can join them with my friends on the Internet a few hours can join the general, not afraid of tired every day is simple, does not require too much skill of things.

is now more and more people make money on the Internet, a variety of forms, there are new, there are old, Wangzhuan can be said to have become a hot topic of popular. To each big forum posts can make money, this is a way to make money online, and is also very popular, many users are engaged in the work, put it as a part-time labour, can earn some money, but has recently found in the forum there are many a special person post promotion master, here is this part of people is how to make money, they have what good method can guarantee the advertising effect. read more

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Lu Guofu you will pick a single professional Shanghai dragon er




five to take the task Witkey network

Four method

sitting on their

method we all know, as we see a good stuff, we will recommend to our friends, so we for every user to service, so that he will recommend us to his friends, so to promote the effect is much better than our own, and it can reach each other the effect of publicity, it is good for us, we all know that no matter which industry competition is very big, so why do people have to choose us? So we have good service to every user, so we can go long. read more

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Shanghai dragon hurt the ten off as one of the means the chain article

for a long time did not write the article, I am ashamed to say that recently, after repeated consideration, decided to write a bit about some methods for Shanghai Longfeng summary from the 6.28 incident, for individual rankings, for the love of Shanghai understanding, it also confirms the old saying, hurt the ten fingers, as well the one that my blog – Xi’an Shanghai dragon Zhu Qifei blog is lost without dismount, especially, because it is bearish, or not was a kind of mood, think of the original blog, it is so young, oh, actually I now is not old, by yourself, to go their own way. If you want to go, the end of the road or the road…… read more

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Review your experience Optimization Analysis of Shanghai dragon Er should have what

second, Shanghai dragon optimization techniques vary constantly grasp optimization thinking. Since the website optimization strategies in Shanghai Longfeng changing, we should continuously improve the method to optimize the way, not to say before the operation had no effect, if always follows the old road, inefficient more or less problems. Outstanding Shanghai dragon Er have maintained a thought of the times, and often other people especially the communication and the industry’s top friends. The author thinks that the circle of website optimization is a very important to enhance their own channels, many of the current Shanghai dragon forum advertising everywhere, Shanghai dragon itself pure thinking a lot of Shanghai Longfeng class forum has been hard to find, the author thinks that familiar with each other exchange groups, Shanghai dragon if there is a pure land of the circle of friends or some spontaneous organization the next line, honestly share effective communication is the most valuable. read more

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Ten the website was hacked cause

injection vulnerabilityThe communication of

among the victims, government departments because of malicious software piracy has lost $50 billion, trade secrets or competitive information leakage reached 59%, followed by the unauthorized access to confidential government information (55%) and the influence of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure (55%).

10, not on the website address access

8, information leakage and error handling

To limit the

by the data on the website builders should clearly understand that the use of pirated software or operating system is very easy to be black, bring unpredictable losses to the enterprise. In order to enterprise website safety, self-help experts suggest that companies choose to provide regular ICD server. read more

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The five stages of a grassroots growth in the nternet industry

If the

is also working with project practice, together with colleagues and exchange opportunities, three of us are walking together there must be my teacher, I believe that Shanghai Longfeng, do Internet need contacts, with contacts, there will be a lot of help, to a small Links, to have the opportunity to play a chengjiubaye. So at the same time I often participate in some industry organizations will exchange, each will hand know many new friends, name card, for a long time you will know your direction. read more

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Some web site weight down the main reason

No matter how big the ? update algorithm

PV UV, some owners in order to improve the code will be added automatically jump on the site, you think the search engine spider

software group

some webmasters to promote your site, use some software in the blog, a large forum sending link information, so as to improve the number of the chain. First of all, if in order to attract spiders in the high weight forum 3 original articles enough. Secondly, now the search engine has been very intelligent, this trick can cheat TA read more

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The Shanghai Dragon the old eating don’t bigotry

and Shanghai dragon, thought has three most: the internal structure optimization, content optimization, external optimization. In fact, this is also the Shanghai dragon do three points for the divergence point of global optimization. Optimization of the internal structure of the building early on, the optimization framework is reasonable, in the late optimization is mainly for the chain optimization and content. But in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, I do not know when there is always a problem, until now also failed to cure: eating old, eating the old, more and less technology innovation. read more

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Three stages of personal summary of the experience of learning Shanghai Dragon

During this period, As the saying goes,

master door, rely on individual practice. When you are determined to enter this line at the moment, the decision you have to rely on their own efforts to learn a little knowledge, then the knowledge mastery of a series, the maximum power of it. Remember to start even the anchor text do not know what is, it sounds very abstract, after learning to know the hyperlink anchor text with key words is actually. And this in Shanghai dragon is a very important concept. read more

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Webmaster how to classify the information outside the chain guide and meet the needs of users

website development to which a stage for the site to set up the chain are essential lessons, this paper focuses on the analysis of the anchor text and links and text three chain form, when I think a lot of small website owners in the chain to build their own websites do not understand is very different the three chain form, and this article will tell the content, I hope this can help to webmaster, I am also a webmaster, I think we are living in an industry began to enter the family, the following topics. read more

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Those who love Shanghai may lead to inadvertent punishment

is mainly for the domestic users of the site, we were in the Shanghai dragon was the most important thing is to optimize the search field Chinese love Shanghai. Site search is the main source of flow from it, so to optimize Shanghai’s love is to a certain extent determines the success or failure of website optimization. But for the owners concerned, the purpose of optimization is to get the front rank in a shorter period of time, the snapshot update faster, more included, higher weight, often prone to anxious attitude driven by this mentality in the process, it is easy in implementation of the optimization of the site in the optimization over the implementation of measures did not hold good, should pay attention to the "moderate" principle, but inadvertently made love Shanghai optimization taboo, lead optimization not only did not receive the expected purpose, but just the opposite, light makes the optimization of no effect, heavy punishment was even love Shanghai. In order to avoid a similar mistake in the experience of the author do the following summary of these common mistakes: read more

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Website optimization FAQ nine why not stable site outside the chain

3, the modification of the chain often. The same modification links will make the chain appear unstable, originally is the home page of the link to the inside pages, naturally there will be the original link by the search engine judgment is invalid, after all, even the original link does not exist.

2, the modification of the chain often. This should be ignored by many owners, after the chain anchor text search engine will be modified before the ruled invalid link, because previously collected and spiders are not the same. read more

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The website user data of the nine analysis law

four, user occupation.

3. website daily in each column, each of the number of visits. This data can be obtained from the website in the background.

The distribution of How long will you stay in the

five, user habits.

2. website daily visits. This data can be obtained from the website in the background.

1. user web browsing habits, including news content, the overall layout of the interface used is reasonable, when users browse news feel where not suitable for the use of habits and so on?. This is very important, because most users on the Internet have formed a habit to visit the site. Only with their habits to design and service, so you can stick to the user. Analysis of artificial investigation on the website of the the source of the data, analysis and website technology. read more

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With the sharp drop in the volume of sea site index is the spark caused by any algorithm

therefore, the webmaster in website content updates on the day after, is not to fall in love with the sea and play "cat and mouse".

this dragon does not believe that love is what Shanghai new algorithm is launched or their own database, is precisely the effect caused by the spark plan love Shanghai. In the love of Shanghai continue to advocate website original content and user experience today, the spark plan is introduced in order to protect the original rights and interests, to enhance its credibility favorable measures to love Shanghai. Most of the domestic situation can throughout Shanghai dragon, in the station for the intentions of editing and the original is not much, and the website wants to do all the original itself is a challenge, in the homogenization of serious lack of implementation of Internet space. Although love Shanghai in advocating the original, and has introduced a variety of measures to guide the webmaster towards the original direction, but most commonly take the Shanghai dragon adopted piecemeal strategy, through a variety of means to confuse the pseudo original love Shanghai judgment, so as to achieve the purpose of real ones. read more

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Analysis of the five on the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of relatively large impact factor

) revising the webmaster website title, or excessive building key phrase

sites use space to host quality is very important, because it relates to the users of your website experience, if the user to your site experience is too low, so webmaster face punishment is nothing more than the two, one is love Shanghai site was K off, because the users of your sense of experience is too low the two is to love Shanghai; your site K off or in the sandbox, you continue to observe a period of time, you will see no improvement; no matter what punishment will inevitably affect our website optimization, so I do not want to do the webmaster in this waste slobber, believe you know read more

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Do Wangzhuan choose a suitable opportunity to be successfulAs a need to master the essential qualiti

makes money through the Internet, with special management skills, whether it’s doing its own web site or setting up an online shop. Know how to cut costs and improve benefits from all kinds of details. A lot of things can’t be helped by friends, so they can only be solved by themselves. If even the basic management work absent-minded, ability is not, it is difficult to through the network to earn their own money first, it is more difficult to achieve real Wangzhuan male.

understand the use of other people’s strength, is the real strong. It is difficult for a person to have enough standing in the Internet society if he doesn’t have enough friends who are loyal enough. True masters, not necessarily very strong, but must have their own team, like a powerful money making machine, high-speed operation. Know how to communicate with strangers and build friendships. Don’t wait to ask for help when you need it. If you do, you will be rejected, and your career will not go smoothly. read more

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Optimization of long tail keywords those details deserve our heart to dig

fourth, timely statistics record of their long tail word. Because of the large number of long tail words, >

second, the long tail word way by optimizing the website content page. The long tail keywords because the flow rate is low, so little competition in the most common way is through the optimization of the website content page to do, we have to be careful of the details of the long tail word related titles, such as layout description and Keywords tag and text content are reasonable layout of the long tail word our most common practice, through the original the content related to a relatively high degree of quality to attract customers attention to help customers solve the problem, the article must be based on the user experience as the core, try not to read too much of the anchor text user. Reasonable distribution, nature is the long tail key word layout in the content page. read more

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n the eyes of the original love Shanghai is actually the case

is the construction site content hard and honest, the original article I also do regularly, but no obvious change in my ranking Xiaofeng lottery website, website weight etc.. Of course, I’m not saying that you really do website content construction, regardless of the construction of the chain, just focus on the content of the website construction, the promotion chain is the right to do.

Every day I for their peopleThe construction of

in original content Xiaofeng lottery site, the original article was written not long, have been collected. My original content is mainly made of long tail keyword insertion in the title of the lottery promotion, natural join link. In a period of observation found that the article was collected there are two: one is reproduced when the link is removed; two is reproduced with links to reprint, but the ranking is weight high websites. Search long tail keywords, we can not see, high weight website reproduced some of our article ranking it up, this is the advantage of large website. read more

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The new website how to choose the long tail words and long tail Word Layout

I think: accurate, long tail keywords bring customer turnover is relatively high;

recommended index refers to the "love Shanghai index:

Keywords The

how to do network marketing? [

what is the long tail keywords

I think: the long tail keywords is the target keywords subdivision, is usually composed of 2-3 words, and even some phrases;

rival search index, and less competition; can use the keywords webmaster tools mining function to see, the competition of medium keywords (general index below 200) were screened out or edited articles such as the title, to set the key words; read more

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What the chain is the chain of value to users

a good effect of the chain is can bring a lot of traffic to your site. That is a high quality of the chain is the most fundamental performance can bring visitors, whether can let visitors feel the value of. The author will talk about this problem for what the chain is the value chain visitors really need.


3) the use of black chain;


1) to spend money to buy or sell can enhance the so-called high weight chain;

in the past we will effect the definition of the chain in order to attract the search engine spiders, as long as can be included in the search engine is good outside the chain, but now this one view needs to make a change. We need to add a high quality the chain can bring traffic conditions. In a related industry platform according to the needs of users post links, let visitors more clearly grasp and open yourself to open the link, the chain that users don’t produce the aversion to users is the value of the link, the chain can say is the real link with the highest quality user experience. read more

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