Horse Grassland Six flashes of good domain names

Internet has never been a calm place, a wave of hot events to attract people’s attention. .CM domain name on August 1st officially opened registration, the news in the circle of owners quickly spread. The article should be "horse prairie: miss the first domain name transaction" my promise, plus the.CM domain name registration open days, the author briefly talk about a good domain name should have some basic characteristics, one can not be said to be the guidance of new, two are not afraid of being laughed at that master. read more

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Create the most practical five step of independent blog brand image

now, the increasing number of independent blog, on the one hand it provides an excellent platform for the majority of Internet enthusiasts, so that everyone can make their voices heard, have their own hobbies or to some areas of things and events in this play, outside the large number of old stationmaster also created many the new owners; on the other hand it has become a new platform for many people to do station selection, and this platform has more simple, fast and easy to use than other site procedures, to provide an excellent platform for DIY technology or willing to delve into friends, through personal blog full of unique color full of his own personality, but also can gain through the operation of the blog, shoot two hawks with one arrow. read more

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How to find business opportunities in crisis

crisis may occur at any time in our lives, not only to the lives of many people have an impact, but also to the business of countless operators have an impact. In short, the current financial crisis inevitably continues, the economic development of various industries were affected, economic recession triggered employment outlook is unknown, enterprise workers make outflow, cigarette sales encounter consumer confidence, consumer demand situation. In the face of the crisis, it is very important for us to fight the battle of a cigarette. read more

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Entrepreneur is your web ready yet

autumn is a season of what I cannot find the words to describe, but I love autumn, in this season, the weather is always sunny, cloudless sky, I often looked up and looking forward to the sky like a bird fly, if you like a bird happy the free good! But this is my mood before this fall, even if I raised a headache, also can not find back that a relaxed mood, the original idea is

can decide the mood!We lived in a cold

throughout the summer of this year, many discussions with friends when they are mentioned in the development of enterprise e-commerce, in the last month in my mailbox with an email above content is about 3G under the background of our company how to develop e-commerce! Set up 10th anniversary raving in the Alibaba: "we will create 1000 e-commerce platform of thousands of small businesses, we need to create 100 million jobs in the world. We want to provide a platform for the consumption of 1 billion people around the world, we hope that through the 10 million business platform, through all our business platform, let all the small enterprises through technology, through the Internet, through e-commerce, to compete with any large enterprises." Do you know how many companies don’t have their own websites? Is it too early to talk about e-commerce without a website? read more

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Although the contact network of several months talented day in one thousand yuan when the owners

contact network although several months, talented day in one thousand yuan when the owners of

recently stationmaster net a talented woman, but not long contact network daily income can reach thousands, except I poison admire or admire, admire me think of a problem, you really hundred Dutch success? Or do you see her success in the


carefully to analyze this problem, first please read, "interview: 100 lotus pictures Inn owners" faint hundred Dutch   ", from 5 thousand IP to 20 thousand IP, I spent two days!" read more

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From the site to all network entrepreneurs

Hello everyone, I’m the head of the 96 webmaster forum, A5 forum ID called chord into the network, the first to webmaster web home, previously in its A5 forum rushing around. Today, I happen to find so many people paying attention to my forum. I am here to thank A5 for its popularity and thank you for your consistent support! Thank you!

!I am also a

first and everyone in the same hard pioneer colleagues! From the beginning of April 2008 germination entrepreneurial idea quit to work for 09 years in February officially launched the website, until now has more than 10000 members, began to establish a forum of stationmaster operation career! Various difficulties experienced during the difficult and unpleasant is only yourself! I suddenly look back what I found nothing, just get a bunch of out of order website program! Do you my website N times, from the beginning to spend 12000 yuan for the LRD to do a ASP station to mid spent 5000 yuan to find a GRD ASPX pirate station and then to their understanding of the A5 forum and I spent too much time and energy and money on the site, but there is no improvement! I am very grateful to the A5 forum gave me a chance, I can sell some forum through the A5 collection Collection of small programs, earn some living expenses. read more

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Grab the user’s design clear mobile application forms

[editor’s note] this article is reprinted from @elya girl’s personal blog. In order to more designers can seriously consider the special form of mobile applications, to maximize the form design experience, improve efficiency and improve satisfaction. This paper from the clear visual Zongxian, packets of information, the ultimate subtraction, instead of using the selected input, labels and text layout, relying on explicit confirmation password, reasonable use of the keyboard, check the secret of the eight dimensions to share my mobile application form design. read more

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Let time give you money

had made a personal station business experience the article not only was approved by the A5, and get the support of friends, today a look that is A5 in the Top 1 position, thanks to A5 and the vast number of friends. Never seen a friend can see, address:

these days we have been discussing the problem of website development team, especially the profit model, I think this is a lot of personal webmaster confusion, hope to bring out the topic, common progress. A few days ago and a mister coffee, and he talked to us in this outdoor leisure website, he asked a question: "I know that you have to stick to the five years of perseverance, but the site accumulated in the five years of things, really can play the" cumulative effect "at first?" I don’t quite understand the meaning of this sentence, he explained to me said: "the Internet business models mature a lot, but have one thing in common, that is the time for you to make money.". For example, Alipay, a few years ago, when Alipay does not charge any fees, he is very profitable. Because he is a bank, so many members of the money in it, the money used to invest, the benefits are very impressive. Moreover, as time goes on, members gradually increase, and his indirect income will gradually increase. For example, 17OUT will plan a classic outdoor leisure theme every week, and then plan a new theme next week, which is very innovative. However, it will inevitably lead to duplication of manpower resources investment, but in the long run to think, 5 years later, 17OUT is still in such a cycle of planning a new theme, what you accumulate at that time? You can produce wealth accumulation of these things for you? " read more

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Amoy brand Group founder how to achieve annual sales of 80 million

Author: Niu thousand

last week Amoy brand (now renamed the Tmall original) group announced a $20 million financing, but also to take this opportunity to point and control technology founder and CEO Zhang Fuli were face to face.


, a friend in the industry talked about differences between North and South entrepreneurship, joked that, Beijing, some of the vertical media B2C repeatedly appeared in the media, sales can not even compare with a big Taobao C.

group is a denim brands electricity supplier, currently has two C in Taobao, a Tmall B shop, while also providing denim products in the form of B2B to a comprehensive line of clothing brand. Their record is June 2010, landing Taobao, line 17 minutes to 6000 pairs of jeans sold; 3 months later, was invited to become the Amoy brand; 2011 double 11, sales exceeded 30% Levis; 2012 annual sales of 80 million, this year is expected to 160 million, net profit of about 30%. read more

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Enterprises should pay attention to the construction of websites

in this era of Internet, enterprises need to be an independent website to promote their own image and products or services. People’s life and work are inseparable from the Internet, and the website is an important window for the enterprise. In general, websites are mostly outsourced, and it is important to communicate with the contractors and listen to the advice of professionals. Do the best fit, some business owners see what others want to do what, but wavering on the surface of the fancy, but some function is useless just decoration, enterprises mainly listen to professional advice, focus on practicality is more important. So what should I pay attention to when I’m doing a website? read more

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County level local decoration website operation strategy analysis

with a lot of county-level city start to relax restrictions on the real estate market, real estate sales appeared significantly warmer, which also led to the property and the industry appeared to pick up trends related to real estate decoration industry is so, as a county city local decorate website, also ushered in the development of their own re the opportunity.

but these years, the local market website appeared obvious intersection, many local real estate network, local communities and information website will be involved in real estate this piece of decoration, the decoration is just a place to channel these sites, so the local decoration competition has become more intense, as a place to decorate website, if the operation is not well, no place where those comprehensive website decoration channel hot, so to beat the competitors in the competition, establish the local authority image decoration site is the key. read more

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Discussion on the development of local classified information network


had a station, it is due to a no registration information station to do the case of Hohhot.

is an information station without registration can release information is a good thing, but after thinking, Ali send information network the first version was dismissed, or switch to the needs of users, it can hold many people. Pull partial, or to talk about the development of Ali information network it.


station was founded in May 2009, started by a simple QQ chat, e-mail and other means of publicity, we like this grassroots webmaster, the beginning is only such propaganda, depending on this result is not very ideal, then the search engine login site log in page registration site, so the effect is very good the end is the weight of the suffix ORG high or what, anyway, the first day of the search engine, the second day was collected, in the future every day included. Be included in the search engine is a good thing, most users are from here. read more

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A product dates stall bigger stall

, after his first prank, ended up thinking about it for six months without thinking what he could do. In the fall of 2007, I would rather resign than feel secure for some time. Mary is to support my decision, although there is no direction, but we have to realize only step out and have to try to find out the progress, otherwise only has come to a standstill.

I gave myself three years, and in those three years, I felt around and tried, and if it didn’t work, I tried the next thought. I won’t leave any leeway for myself. Only in this way can I push myself into a hopeless situation and know how much potential I have in a desperate situation. After a week’s resignation, there was still no clue, so he discussed with Mary: "go and try the stall.". Soon, we wholesale some small decorations, began to put up the stall. read more

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Domain name is an important link for the website to build the brand under the line

for modern enterprises, has entered the era of Internet economy. Network marketing has become the core development strategy of some enterprises. Enterprises in order to be in the winter of the financial crisis to shine second spring, we must establish a digital brand. Corporate culture, business philosophy, core values into network marketing, we must first start from the domain name, the domain name is the entrance of the enterprise network marketing channels and network is a valuable asset of enterprises, the domain name is identification and dissemination of unique enterprise in the network name. A good domain name will become the standard bearer of enterprise’s economic activities on the Internet and represents the brand image of the enterprise. Therefore, the establishment of excellent digital brand depends on good domain name and enterprise scientific network management, and now many companies are constantly learning domain name knowledge, protection of domain name intellectual property rights, enhance the domain name knowledge level. read more

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Discussion on the solution of operating local website

09 is the fastest growing year for regional web sites. Many companies or individuals have been involved in the operation of local websites. Second hand nets, group buying nets, forums have sprung up from the internet. So, how do you run these local websites? Push it below, will explain the operation of the local website solutions.

one, site positioning. When the operation of the site
read more

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Challenging popular intelligence in Web Analytics 1 Bounce Rate


this series of articles should be specially invited by NetConcepts’s Allen. It was also the first article to be done on a commuter train.

must the wisdom of the masses be the correct wisdom? Perhaps you have also heard the word "·" for most people. No matter where you are, because of the "popular wisdom", higher IQ does not always ensure that we make the right decisions, as 36kr article said, smart people may sometimes be easy. So this series of articles is looking at what popular intelligence in the field of web analytics might lead you astray". In the first article, we will focus on bounce rate. read more

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Deconstructing how Taobao O2O enters the marriage industry

introduction: Ma a sentence, "local life service is five or six o’clock sun, larger than the electricity supplier commodity category", sounding the horn of Taobao into life service. It covers many industries, as a known real trading platform, Taobao will do in the service life of this? We know that O2O is a great feature of each industry to each industry has different point, no unified approach, this is how Taobao will enter the marriage industry issues, of the work the interview in the first Taobao life marriage industry second, learned from the ideas and focus on the marriage of O2O Taobao life. read more

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Classified information web site future destiny

remember, classification information should be from the beginning of 04 years, on a piece, all classified information website, and soon died again, and really live up to a minority. This is where the nature of the classified information, the entry threshold is low, the real operation is not so simple! Even so, stop the webmaster or against the wind and of course, I am one of them! Do the classified information website also have a few years, the website for one after another, only to today China Post Bar classification, classification is FL, Post Bar 78 harmonics, which is when I do a few websites only want to invest in the promotion of A. read more

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How does the local website select the operating model in depth understanding of patterns resources

operating model is not just profit model, business model needs to consider profit model. The fundamental of operation mode is to play the three relations of "model – resource – Framework". In other words, the business model is to make rational use of their own resources, determine a reasonable organizational structure, and achieve profit model. Rather, the architecture is determined by patterns and resources.

first, a thorough understanding of the "model – resources – Architecture" read more

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