8 rules for mine down JS do not look at the slaughter

on the site to see many suicide is JS black slaughter, to sum up, JS is the two or three son, just escaped the JS sanbanfu, no business. Just because the deceived into the JS trap, not to be slaughtered, it is strange. As long as the following 8 jagged military regulations, JS can take you there.

1. prepared: first optimistic models in the online purchase, configuration and reference price, the best copy down, be aware of;

2. group purchase: looking for someone to accompany you to go, emboldened, in case with JS do not suffer dry up, actually start to be ruthless, to win. In the army there are unwritten rules, soldiers child baby in fighting to win back lost to detention. read more

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Cloud Fei large forum should pay attention to user privacy security

so-called speak unintentionally, the listener intentionally.


premise is: a netizen found the BBS list of members of a medium-sized e-commerce website is open.

process is: this netizen regards this forum as the negative teaching material that does not pay attention to user privacy, and written in soft wen.

coincidence: most of the accounts in this forum are registered with Email.

pain heart is: BBS administrators until about a month later to solve this vulnerability.

cloud fly technical content is not very high, so use Xunlei (thunder) to get 10 thousand pages containing Email files. Because the web page uses a unified template, cloud fly mentally handicapped unlimited use of Dreamweaver search and replace function, delete the excess HTML tag. read more

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Analysis of webmaster blog profit several methods

grassroots webmaster, have a dream, I hope one day dream come true, the reality is very skinny, the dream is very cruel. Many webmaster in the operation of the site for a variety of reasons lead to the site operation failure, webmaster will for various reasons comfort yourself. The website is the main reason for the failure is not profitable, why not profitable website? Why the website profit is very good? Take Chinese provincial blog! A little personal blog, but the flow of hundreds of profitability but I was amazed. read more

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Hard won 166 80

really did not expect, money or hand, a few days in the hearts of a stone finally fell,.

a few days ago, China bank said to the dollar to Asia, let me get it. Would have been very happy, but home for a long time did not find the dormitory list, depressed dead, hurriedly call to the bank, played for three, finally found the collection tube department. May be too many people, miscellaneous sound, ask they seem a bit impatient. You say what is going on, you know that something very important, don’t take good care of. read more

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A half years road station history Wangzhuan 2

yesterday wrote "a half years Wangzhuan Road Station History (1)" is recommended on the home page, also added the "students", people are not happy such changes, do stop, regardless of grade, why give me a student webmaster, it is not necessary, only despised, college students are now filled, in university enrollment, graduate unemployment in the background, why do students


told me the Wangzhuan road yesterday, now I say the station road, then I understand that the site is the blog, so simple, as long as you don’t know the Baidu Google does not solve, so, in the absence of any in-depth studies, buy a space, but this space is rotten no, that is double, single is actually the disgusting! Access speed, three days did not sleep well, the customer has a beautiful voice, but is not a refund, after the replacement of the two space, I finally gave up, then I know two things: 1. website is not a can as fast as Baidu; 2. it is difficult to find a good space! Until a month later, finally fix a fairly good space, which is now used. read more

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How do you understand the unspoken rules that nternet products have to say in their operations

Internet products market has never lacked followers. Whether it is raging like a storm millet marketing model success led to hunger marketing and performance of mobile phone in the mainland market, or the rise of WeChat, the micro business, since the media such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain poured out, Internet products always focus detonated in the first time, and then set off a strong enough to follow the trend. It can be said that as long as your product trends are clear and the market environment is ideal, an interesting idea can easily lead to speculation. Drops, fast and other taxi software, cars and other rental car market boom is derived from this. But the face of enthusiasm for the Internet all product operation, we need to ask ourselves, for Internet products operation, we can have a sufficient grasp said his understanding of the market, the fear of the market and conquer the market? I do not think so, in the eyes of most people, do Internet products, is a new product, then WeChat and other popular marketing assistant a soft, promotion, exposure, in fact, think so is completely mistaken. Fight the idea, play marketing, relying on resources, many chiefs than we have the experience and the foundation, but they do Internet products 100% success? Obviously not, so for the Internet product operation we need further consideration, we should further consider how to read more

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How to optimize the website for new year’s day

in the Spring Festival approaching, the new year, in such a festive day, many people have begun to trickle back home, as a vine design of Beijing website design is the same, designers have started their home, so our website nobody do? There is a saying in your competition the opponent will never give up beyond you, then we will begin to worry about the right down, began to fear the 2014 new year will be beyond our competitors. Rattan design today to share with you, during the new year, how to maintain their normal site, not by the industry, or too much to pull down. read more

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Analysis of the feasibility method of website profit

as a webmaster, outside the most enviable is that you can work at home, you can work free time, you can achieve high income. Perhaps every webmaster, initially are holding a good mentality to join the Internet webmaster of the tide, the number of experienced storm waves, of course there will be a lot of the owners get a want, but there are more webmaster have been confused in the hesitation. Website profit is the problem that each stationmaster wants most to consider. The following is a simple way to make profit on several websites: read more

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nteractive design product model in multi screen environment

had lamented the power of Tencent, originally a bland QR two-dimensional code promotion by WeChat, seemingly overnight in China began to pop up. Whether it is cash subscription, WeChat coupon WeChat public platform website recently opened to the media, or personal identity information, registration, two-dimensional code are widely used; in fact, in the mobile payment security verification, more fields, this technology has been in rapid development in.

but I’m not interested in how the two-dimensional code potential, let us think that we will use the two-dimensional code in what kind of situation? When browsing the web on the computer, tablet, found an interesting picture, news, we may take a two-dimensional code website by mobile phone. The information will be sent to the mobile phone to view, save or share; when participating in activities, meet a friend had a good chat, we may take a personal identity of two-dimensional code generation on the mobile phone with the mobile phone, it will add to your contact information to… A common feature of these scenarios is that we are interacting with other devices and that there is a tendency to transfer information across devices. In fact, this is the biggest feature of our digital devices ubiquitous era, everyone’s work and life are in the conversion between different screens, and cross screen environment also made use of it every hour and moment is used to the new user. read more

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How do operate Cross Stitch Online over 5000 yuan monthly income

and cross stitch city www.58xiu.cn webmaster today talk more happy, along with him, I’ll talk to you about how I operate online cross stitch, monthly income of more than 5000 yuan.

in fact, advertising is very simple, diligence is the first, persistence is the foundation.

one, website publicity is very important.

I only said experience, save a face for the fish, and leave my website. Don’t make me think I’m AD.

I’ve been doing cross stitch for almost three years. If I’m going to stop all my shop promotions now, I’ll have a lot of money a month. Why? In the past three years, there have been at least two propaganda articles and dozens of people coming to my store through search engines. read more

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Chinese individual stationmaster wants to walk the road

bed to open the computer, to see if the statistics flow is big, no, look at the ranking up, did not do the network for several years. The life of the Chinese webmaster (especially those who live on the Internet like me) really has its own experience.

I started chipping away in the network from 00 years later, followed by graduation friends full-time network, several do stand also in the top 5000. Through the network also made some small money, can maintain a livelihood.

but I think all the webmaster friends, like me, are definitely not satisfied. read more

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Grassroots webmaster should be periodic analysis of site potential value

grassroots busy all day how to make money, how to optimize, how to advertise, we should all their own web site cyclical potential value analysis. In fact, many of my large webmaster is doing the data recording and analysis in this area, so that they are more and more successful. But I also believe that most of the grassroots webmaster has not done, this makes me friendly reminder of these webmaster, in this regard transcripts and analysis is very necessary!


many successful webmaster always will "insist, there will be harvested", as a sentence to the efforts of the webmaster, read more

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Four phenomena that must be avoided in the success of online business

to be successful in the network business, must avoid five kind of phenomenon, you first see if you have these ideas, if not then the mian.

1, the lack of long-term goals and thinking highly as a real entrepreneur, know what they want in the end, to achieve the purpose of what needs to go through the process, have a long-term vision, with strategic consciousness, as migrant workers, the focus is the near two or three years, often the first consideration is how to maintain the existing security. The job, nature won’t think too far, will not be too high. Moreover, there are very few migrant workers who can change positions and think about problems from the boss’s point of view. High step is empty is high after repeated thinking is high, can be achieved through the efforts of the high confidence is high. read more

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Experience sharing how to make websites online shops and store promotion complement each other

before I have been engaged in Wangzhuan the freedom of occupation, free and easy, Taobao has been mixed, Taobao customers, Taobao stores are done, the general income, wanted to see the network there are no other ways to make money, but do not need what cost. After studying some long-term Wangzhuan friends, had talked to me about whitening skin spring alliance, registered understood, with almost every guest, did not go to care. October 28th saw the white skin spring guest alliance tournament in A5, with the prize Commission is quite attractive, to come back to see the game almost done with the activities, consult the guest service alliance, but they made a novice manual to me, a look that come with Taobao customers are basically the same the. read more

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Locomotive talking about website collection and anti collection

Anhui Internet Union (ahunion.org) hosts lectures, unwittingly to the twelfth phase. The lecture was involved in many webmaster high praise also let more webmaster to actively join the lecture group, now seems to be the most famous locomotive collector in the site collection software must (locoy.com), train collector (LocoySpider) is a powerful data acquisition software. Use it. You can easily grab text from web pages, images, files and other resources. The current domestic usage is the highest site acquisition software, just recently launched the latest version of the 2009, the majority of owners love. Due to the founder of the Li Jinbin collector is Anhui fellow, shortly before the end of the Anhui station Party has worked, so Li brother very readily agreed to my old K and stationmaster friends to chat, because Mr. Li is born technology typing speed is not quick, so to calculate within 1.5 hours of the said the content is not too much, but very incisive, we read it to understand, hope to give you some help webmaster. Since the lecture main group is full, new to webmaster can add live group: 47744157 lectures, we will always T never speak webmaster, let more want to learn the webmaster come in. read more

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How can Sina micro blog’s Micro friendly friends develop beyond WeChat

Hello, I am happy, remember me in a June article "from WeChat and mobile phone QQ to comment on what kind of people love APP?"? This time, those things I specifically under the Sina micro-blog client, Sina micro-blog in addition to its micro-blog desktop client, and two mobile terminal APP, which is micro friends and friends, I love these days have been experiencing the micro distinction between friend and friend, and prepare for the two recently wrote an article with you, when I started to play, feeling that the two can be combined with a mobile APP OK, I at that time the idea is completely wrong, today I to explain my point of view, but the final conclusion is to incorporate a APP, so not only can the confluence of users, but also reduce the burden of the official operation, every two, Multi valued! read more

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A hard work for three years grassroots webmaster grassroots thinking

recently built a personalized domain name website, do the words "Id", and as usual, the first is to find information everywhere from the Internet, and then add a page, in the site later, made a big head, tim. However, this does not matter, who let you have no money, there is the so-called yes, to see so many personalities of the net name, I suddenly began to ask myself: which is the most personality? What kind of personality is the most?


because I am poor, so I want to make money, to make money, I chose a way to make money: do the webmaster, do the webmaster to do a website, website also have traffic, traffic flow, in order to make money, also cannot be garbage flow, after all, your website content was more useful to others. Useful, the greater the chance of you. read more

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Analysis of a website operation center two basic points

The basic national policy of

, a center and two basic points, has led our country towards prosperity and prosperity, and the living standards of the people are constantly improving. I was thinking, this basic policy can guide the population of 1 billion 300 million Yang Yang power, so in our website work? The answer is yes, as the operation strategy of the same site operators need to establish two basic points of a center, and adhere to the core content, will be able to lead the site on the upgrade, growing up. The following author as a friend of the network operators to share with you: read more

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