Analysis of Taobao store small reason

many novice sellers are always complaining about their bad business and low store flow. Then we will analyze and analyze your reasons in the end.

1., did you have your shop decorated? Did you use the shop?

, of course, a lot of friends in the shop after all in want to, anyway, is free shop, why do I have to spend 50 dollars this month Taobao Wang Pu, but here I want to tell you, although just shop not earn money is very normal, but if you open the store would have to decorate ah also want to own a shop decoration is very beautiful, there are buyers to see the urge to buy, so don’t worry about this 50 yuan to Wang Pu, only the investment, there is definitely a return.

2. is your product on the right time,


this problem I believe a lot of friends in the community have seen? I also needless to say, I just said I last time, I added time is generally 10 -11 a.m., the afternoon is generally not the shelves, I think this afternoon is basically not what people, is the night 6 points to 8 points, this is simply the golden section.


3. often learn the experience of an older seller,

?Now a lot of

diamond sellers, crown sellers have their own successful experience to share in the community, I think they teach something very useful, although I am also a novice seller, nothing is every day when I see their posts, although I have no reputation, but at least 2 single day is just a little, I believe I have one day we will be like them.

4., have you got a certain amount of goods in your store?

now many novice sellers in their store shelves 10-30 items, like money, excuse me: if you are a buyer, you will go to the shop to buy something? If you open the store if you store only 10-30 items, you think someone will buy? So the items neat. Update faster, this is successful in one direction.


5. exchange links with other sellers?

although this is not useful, I also think, but can not empty ah, for example, a buyer to A shop to buy things, but there are B shop links, it will naturally go in and see.

6 how to increase the sales of single products,


stores to find the highest price of the commodity advertisement! (I emphasize the individual of the higher cost of goods for targeted advertising here) I have had this experience, I made 5 pieces of clothing advertising, in a month, an average of each piece of clothing sales is 10 each piece of clothing, the price is 50 yuan, here to share with everyone here, if there do not understand, are invited to contact me, I will do 12 points to thank


7., there is a point that must be good faith management,

many novice sellers for the sake of