A guide to technical entrepreneurship failure a trap for collaborative Entrepreneurship

Hello everyone, I’m leaf rattan. The title of this article is called "technician’s failure to start business guide". You must be surprised. Why don’t you write the guide to success?

the first reason: see my previous article friends know, my 10 years has experienced numerous failures, but without success, the loser can write failure as a senior guide, not qualified to write a guide to success.

: second reasons lead to Rome successful path of thousands, even write a guide to success, also can only specify a way, if this path is really bright road to success, the horse was soon filled with people, causing traffic jams, it is not the road to success. So, if you want to succeed, you have to find a way out of the way others have not done, because no one else has ever passed, so of course there aren’t any guides. The failure guide is to tell you some dangerous pitfalls on your way to start business without limiting your progress. As long as you bypass these pitfalls, the chances of success are increased. Let’s get started:

technical personnel are often not good at grasping the market, so that their own technology can not be converted into money, this time it will need market personnel to help. Cooperation transforms technology into productivity, and then creates value into money. What is important is the important technology, market, people have different opinions on this topic, it is the relationship of mutual advantage. Quote a technician from an entrepreneur’s article to show that their relationship has been taken with you:

a company’s employees come out and turn their heads to overthrow the original company, so many examples, but they have one thing in common, that is, the original company, market and technology together to start business.

we are not discussing the issue of who is more important here, but we are talking about some subtle contradictions and solutions in the market and technical cooperation.

one, play the program, you can not, play mind, I can not – the market and technical personnel contradictory character

technical personnel are often not good at communicating with people, belonging to the introverted type. While the market staff is playing with people fighting, an endless enjoyment ", is an export-oriented. As a result, technical personnel in the "fight with people", the beginning of the market lost to the staff. If you are working, there are bosses to ease contradictions, coordination and cooperation, no problem, if it is a partnership, entrepreneurship is the boss, then this contradiction is highlighted. Resolve methods, before cooperation, to decide who is the boss of the company, one must faithfully submit to the other side, if not solve this problem, no one who refuses to cooperate, cooperation is bound to fail. So I have to choose the company leaders, other people must obey, of course, as technical staff, if the opportunity is very large, so in order to safeguard their own interests, at this time can not abandon any of the rights and interests of their own, try to establish the perfect enterprise system, without any system, is the boss said it is the survival. The hope lies in the hands of others which do to technicians, this is.