[Earl] the theory of reversal of the nternet the same for human beings

The roots of the

reversal theory are based on a world of inequality. This inherent inequality creates a deficit that can generate electricity in the physical and separate the material in the chemical community. This deficit is the eternal power of the Internet community and the whole universe. This deficit is worth learning and knowing.

, when a humble individual site is tenacious, it’s like a very low side of the reversal. Also, more profitable the strength and size of the station is reversed in a senior level. These 2 layers are all in contact and function. But this function is only an image in the eyes of people. Without seeing the essence, there is no breakthrough in essence. A catalyst or an artificial function can produce electrical energy and produce new substances. The middle man should be ours. No matter your hero or grass root. Discover, do, can have certain function, do not produce electricity, just die oneself.

specifically. For example?. Lenovo mobile phones and NOKIA mobile phones. Start the Chinese network and read it in china. This comparison must make you feel the gap is too big, what can happen?. If you say so, you must read my article carefully. In fact, Lenovo can completely and NOKIA a power generation role, the human factors in the middle who will do, according to the strong self strengthening and the desire of the weak, we can know, NOKIA may not take the initiative to come forward. Maybe I didn’t realize what the name was. New things, this "electricity" is not what they want. It’s hard to say, but Lenovo certainly wants to do it. Because the bottom must look at the top, very envious, and want to have relations with the period. This relationship can produce electricity and benefit the masses. Or die yourself. In this way, Lenovo wants to do it and intends to gain benefits. Styling can rub against you. Some sparks. The function can borrow a bit of skill, work experience. If you don’t do well, you’ll grab the NOKIA. Let’s start with China. What about it?. China read it, can copy, or pull writers to do things, stand up big, go to the starting point of challenge. Or engage in dual phase competition. As long as you dare, you may have a connection with the top. Call or produce new material. But the premise is that you should keep your eyes on it. Within your range of abilities.

says like a fool. Let’s have some big vernacular. Let’s narrow it down and say the site. Personal websites do the same themes as big websites 99%. Information, portals, blogs, literature, beauty, movies. What else?. Can you tell me?. So, are in the same profession, than is professional, is that you keep an eye on you more than professional station learning, use, create, and try to make you the reverse reaction. This can give you an example. Previous music websites, what’s that one?. Now it’s a company. It’s the reverse. Although there may be less money. Influence is not the best. But reversal has already happened. You want to say why you can’t reverse, I can tell you, maybe you have reversed