From the 104 A5 domain name investment market exceeded the enlightenment


domain name sale attracted countless webmaster attention in recent years, from the beginning of the hao123 domain name is the beginning of the acquisition, the digital domain name, domain name, domain name city Shuangpin domain name investors became a favorite, and in the near future with the acquisition of several large companies to speed up the pace of the domain name is lit domain name investment transactions hot market, the the 104 phase of the Admin5 version of the chat activity this afternoon, the guests do a very detailed answer to the domain name investment market recently, from today’s version of the chat activity I got some inspiration, he will share out, hope that we can like.

first point: big city domain name is more valuable than small city domain name

often have the characteristics of city population and economic development, and the big city domain is subject to countless stationmaster panic buying but now the big city, the domain name most have been sold out, in the face of this situation I suggest taking personal investment domain can choose medium-sized city’s domain name cybersquatting, as long as you are familiar with. Think of the future development of the investment can be.


second points: domain name investors regardless of the length of life, just eyes

eye view can be said to be a major factor in the investment domain, the beginning of the hao123 domain name, now Ganji, myQQ domain and so on these domains are not familiar with the city domain name and domain name, but with the domain name investment perspective who will be the first time the domain name registration and registration is available, a few years time, for ordinary people, a few years of domain name fee is not a small fee, so that domain name investors must have good investment perspective, the guests said such a sentence, you can also take a look at the


third points: three spell domain name market, it is worth investors mining

digital domain name, now can be said to have been digging Larry domain almost, and now the three spell domain name still rise, for example: losing weight, breast enhancement, news, tourism and so on are also mining, but also find the domain name three spell, suggestions to search for keywords you want to query the domain name.


fourth: when the domain name investors must consider the economic factors

must be in-depth analysis of their liquid assets as a domain name investors, they can register many domain names, and can raise many domain name at renewal time but also consider whether the domain name is worth a renewal, if not worthy of you should give up, avoid dead lousy dozen, finally will cause a loss of too much.

fifth points: do domain investors must learn to cool thinking,

domain name investment is also a knowledge, in the registration must be good at cool