Lin how to do a good job in WAP navigation station

once I (Lin Junhong) also built navigation station, mobile navigation station. The site is ( is now home to the WAP source code), which was still hot for the last two years at the WAP navigation station. Just do not understand, just know every day string of friends to apply for chain, traffic is also rising very quickly. But after a period of time, found that the flow of friends did not apply for more chains, but also a sharp decline. Think carefully, and found that the original visit has not come back, the application of friends chain also because there is no chain, the site link is also sunken. Reason: too many garbage sites, the classification is not detailed enough, the layout is a mess, the site does not have its own style. Repeated analysis: why didn’t I rectify the website when the traffic grew rapidly?.

later, I refer to similar websites and compare with them. Although they are old stations, they have many users, but as long as I try to change, I’m sure they are not inferior to them. The home page is concise, detailed site classification, cool recommandons, convenient and practical, which is the key columns I want. Then the station, the site features a single QQ connection with the chain included (so the effect is good (point) wrong before the home recommended more standing, more replacement) have several major links, I can whistle for the latter, and which has been called soy do B. the first chain link or what, your visit IP or how many, actually just started not much volume, is directly link with domain name, how many is not clear, the family also promised half believe and half doubt. Can not first chain of two chain also don’t let go, and strive for a better position, every included site is ready to flow exchange. All who join should have their own characteristics and their content. Later, of course, the space often had problems and soon it was closed. The above is just the experience and experience of your previous website.

What are some of the following suggestions under

?. 1, choose a good program and a stable space and easy to remember domain name. 2, classification is detailed, easy to find. 3, the page is concise, the home page is best not to put advertising or more than advertising 3. 4, always check the link, found timely modify or delete link. 5, appropriate to give users some surprise or boutique resources, such as free signature design, name, lyrics and other DIY applet. It’s easier to do a navigation station, but you don’t have to update your resources every day. In addition to the current browser with navigation, there are not many users with internet browser, you can go to the forum for this website to make bookmarks, membership retention is also very beneficial, some time ago to see Sogou navigation SIS bookmarks is good, after the download will be prompted whether set home. Have time to study. Finished, Lin Junhong original.