Jialun understand T field

began to contact IT field from 98 years of college, until now 10 years found that different people on the definition of IT is different, the definition of IT in different stages is different, this person a sketch in 10 years as a summary of my understanding of IT.

phase 1 hardware, that is, IT

94 desktop became popular, the hardware on behalf of IT, who said Zhongguancun IT, Zhongguancun is actually selling computer, the CPU frequency of the Commission as the symbol of the development of IT industry, the association can be regarded as a sign of enterprises;

second stage software development

The emergence of

Win95 makes the concept of software come into being. It is found that Windows based platform can develop many software applications, such as browser, office office software and so on. At this point, the IT field was extended to software;

third stage Internet era

99 in the first round of the Internet, the popular website, more and more people use the Internet to define love this industry, Zhongguancun will often hear "I was engaged in the website," Ben child face, if you engage in compatible machines are feel shy to say hello

fourth phase wireless application field

three portal turnaround by the wireless field, this time only to find that the 10 Fen little message will have such a big market, and the variety should be based on wireless began to emerge in an endless stream including wireless Internet in the future, but also Unlimited Business Opportunities.

finally, the game area, I put him out alone, and the new media and information services because the market is huge, but also took him out alone, there is nothing to welcome everyone to add. (the /IT www.itchaguan.com

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