A guest webmaster experience sharing

do anything, as long as you do it, and then you will succeed. Do stand also is same, want website gain namely inevitable. I used to just get some blogs, and personal homepage just accumulated some experience. For a guest the attention is not paid, Tao guest promotion I do not want to see. My work is busy, not to study it, a chance to see Ali mother several successful guest, on the heart.

I think that as long as the intention to do, I can do well in amoy. But want to do standard, there must be a site, site must have three ideas: first, the site planning; second, website construction; third, website promotion.

site planning,

wants to plan a guest website pattern is very clear. In the current Taobao off platform, there are many ways of promotion, such as: a single product promotion, the whole store promotion, promotion, promotion, API Group categories, search box promotion, Taobao channel promotion, Taobao theme promotion etc.. Guide buyers through my website to buy things on Taobao. Some webmasters may be considered from the flow, I think if you want to make money quickly, do not consider the flow, and first of all need to consider the site’s profit model and profitability. Make a Taobao shopping guide, which is the most direct way to believe that you want to be a Taobao guest, too.

Construction of


to build your own website, I think it is the most effective way to promote, with your own website, you can do some necessary SEO. SEO is necessary to do, I’m completely against those for flow and SEO, so the flow of the conversion transaction is not very good, that is not the visitors want to see the information, do you think he will continue to do? SEO is necessary to improve the conversion rate, and is not all for the flow and do SEO. In my website keyword ranking, I often find that many of the site at the top of my key in front of, or cannot access or not, the information needed by the user, in the back row of this site, I am not worried, hehe.

Promotion of


After the completion of the

website, what we have to do is to let everyone know it. Like a newspaper, there is no reader without imagination. As a web site, the amount of access is his life and value. Increase the amount of access is not 1 days, 2 days can do, the most critical thing is the quality of your web site.

in " search engine registration " submit the relevant content, this free promotion means is a commonly used, but also has certain effect. Again, the resource cooperation between websites is also an important way to promote each other, among which the simplest way is to exchange links. Website promotion: soft Wen promotion method, blog promotion, QQ group promotion method, network promotion, Forum promotion, mail promotion method, rating promotion method, link polymerization method and so on, of course.