Love website spring the most difficult time has passed


man Jin Pengwei is "the general type of leadership style" in the love type Lily network, he gave his own label: is responsible, dignified, strong desire to protect, not to stick at trifles. In June 19th, the highly eloquent and acting young man walked onto the stage of the nation’s most popular reality show, "if you are the one". Previously, Jin Pengwei, 33, prepared 100 scenarios in anticipation of the dating show. "I went up with confidence. Basically, the female guest asked me all my questions without the scope of the 100 questions. Including the host Meng Fei, the scene asked me the question, in fact, I was prepared, Le Jia will ask me, I should say that in my control." Jin Pengwei recalls.

in the program site, full of delight he used to sing to answer female guests, although ultimately failed to take their favorite girls, but Jin Pengwei is still showing tact and kindness, he is on stage and launched a fund-raising campaign and set up his own fund. In September 20th, Jin Pengwei wrote in the lily online blog: "from the beginning of the weekend after the broadcast of the 9:37 appearance, my phone is almost never broken, many people give me a message, QQ too many people with me, almost burst! For more than three months, I have received a lot of making friends, mails, text messages and messages. Now I solemnly declare that Jin Pengwei has decided to love and never marry again."

like Jin Pengwei on the "if you are the one", on the Internet overnight popular star is not in the minority. The most typical example is called "Mr. penguin" Cai Min, this naive young people in Hunan on the show after a week in the online Lily received thousands of love letter. The number is not large, and it is said that guests received tens of thousands of letters.

in fact, what is more noteworthy is the increasing popularity of the love market behind the "blind date" star. It is reported that this year, only the major satellite TV production of "blind date" program, a week at least seven "Star", which does not include the "ground" channel do blind date programs.

at the same time, the dating reality show has driven the blowout of major dating sites. "Lily net and last year, traffic and income have more than doubled, of which" you are the one "program to promote traffic and revenue growth accounted for about 20%. In 2009, the overall size of China’s love and marriage market is close to 3 billion, while this year will increase by about 20%-30%." Lily network CEO Tian Fanjiang said. After becoming a partner with "you are the one", Baihe has chosen guests in 5 cities across the country. To this end, it has also set up a special work team consisting of more than 20 people, is responsible for reviewing from all over the country snowflakes like flying letters, and with the director group interview.


," lily did a survey a few years ago, when the number of people willing to choose the Internet as the first choice or important option was less than 5%, while in 2009 the survey figure was 40%." There was a sigh of relief. "Our hardest days are over."." In the passage