Do stand lessons and SEO skills

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 , let’s talk about the SEO technique first, SEO is actually very simple and the effect is very good,

has 3 main points:

Title Optimization is the keyword that you want to get ranked as much as possible in the title

, for example, I’m doing the QQ template station

I want to make the QQ space template, so you can put the QQ space template up

note, this is skilled, or else the keyword stack will be ferry K

I want to do "QQ

hypothesis space template", then I will write in the title "XXX QQ space QQ space station template, professional collection template, lovely QQ space QQ space template template, black… Etc., so that you can do the QQ space template this a few key words repeated several times, and no

keyword stuffing

according to my experience, key words repeat 2-4 times, than 1 times ranking will be much higher, especially new station

2, description optimization,


description is < META content="….." name="

; Description" > this

I see a lot of standing here on the key word, that’s a big mistake, because you haven’t understood what description


is actually a short description of the content of the site,

, if your station is written on the description, Baidu on the web site below will describe your description, and the description of the station ranking than did not describe the standing good,

also can be described as written, as the title for almost, such as < META content=" XXX QQ space station map template, daily release of the latest QQ space map template, QQ space template, the most complete collection of….." name=" Description" >

; the back of their play.

try not to repeat the title, and the key is not repeated, repeat 1 times is the best

has a word "

" missing


this is very simple, is to repeat a few keywords, you can, but not too much, accounting for the content of the 5%-8% is good,

above is some of the basis of SEO, mastered the first row of the page is absolutely no problem, the following talk about advanced skills

for a web site, put one or two >