Lu Xiaodong soft Wen is how to practice

This piece of writing is inspired by

: "this afternoon with a few minutes of graph king QQ exchanges in the chat, let me go to the station network graph king forum comment on a soft survey: we are voting should encourage and participate in the soft or resist /thread-241673-1-1.html  soft? The first option I vote second, relatively, not many people support, as of 2:28 a.m., two tickets are 4 ticket support options. Specific see below my personal understanding of the soft text.

Wang to find a map of stationmaster net comments, by way of consulting network owners forum on the first team member technology stationmaster net recruitment problems, but I have no chance, the 18 day gave him a message, but he didn’t come back, I realized that the big "busy work".

at 6 this afternoon, when I went out to eat, I made a special message to the king Wang for the idea that the king would return the news to me. I think the way "Henzhao, graph king ADMIN5 need to rectify the… "Go on like this, sooner or later on the OVER" (original words), I did not expect the king is really "anxious". Just come back to dormitory, see Figure Wang really return my message to open the computer, and I talked about just a few minutes, I feel honored, the first good impression of graph king. This is a little loss, can be imitated, but not too boring to go, man.


, in the webmaster nets, see a lot of people complain that stationmaster net advertising and editorial review ability comments today just to see someone to write their own network owners dissatisfaction with the article, and the editor of the review on the home page, I am very puzzled, the article says I didn’t see. Afternoon dormitory speed is not too optimistic, I in addition to sleep, nothing done, wake up and go to dinner.

actually, as a website editor, he needs to check so many articles every day, and he can’t remember many articles. Sometimes audited, and other people can pass, because they can not remember in their own mind, after all, they are people, not computers, this webmaster network readers should understand.

for Adsense nets everywhere advertising, and some even in comments Riga connection advertising, better, in the article plus irrelevant advertising. This phenomenon, many websites have, it is not surprising, Adsense network has always been against visitors to do connection comments, may be out of your standing great trust and support it.

today, the main purpose of giving advice to the king is two. The main complaint is the issue of complaining about the general station. In fact, there is nothing to say:

1. some time ago because of the negligence of editing, an original article I was reproduced, and reproduced the people’s article, the editor to give it top of my own, but not sticky. Very depressed, in the first time after contact with the editor, and soon resolved. Wang said that the purpose of this matter, the main hope that the king of the editorial requirements of strict review a.