cn domain name again open to individuals corn can calm it

May 30th Beijing Morning News reported that from midnight on the 29 day, CN and Chinese domain name again for personal opening, which caused extensive attention. According to reports, twenty times on the first day of registration is usually registered, looks like CN and China domain again hot up, but actually really hot? Said many industry experts suspect.

Cn domain was originally had a chance to become the largest number of users of the domain name, but since the CN domain name is limited to personal registration, once so many fans suffered heavy losses, and many of the CN domain name, let a lot of people have to give up the domain name, domain name cn number had reached tens of millions, a few months short, just less than one million users, the rate of decline has also created a Guinness world record.

CN domain name restart natural person registration, experts mixed

many experts said that since the CN domain name registration date closed on personal, it is destined to re open, because fewer personal webmaster support to CN domain through the enterprise that heat up absolutely cannot perform, although in recent years the growth of the small scale enterprise owners, but because the internationalization of enterprise website demand more is to choose the international domain name, only personal webmaster, because of the high price of CN domain, CN domain name will become fans, the main user groups is CN domain name, so the truncation of the personal registration, it basically truncated CN domain growth path.


CN domain restart, although registered in the market, the blowout phenomenon, but this phenomenon can last long, this is going to be a big question mark, from the domain name registrar to apply now for the CN domain name, need more procedures, will also be more limited. Coupled with the relevant departments to have to shut down shutting down the ultimate authority on CN domain, which for the individual owners, attractive discount.

also for those fans to hype the domain name to make money, because there is no competition in the market, so the value of the domain name will not increase, the potential value is infinite dilution, so speculation on the fans did not dare to touch the CN domain name. So, this blowout phenomenon is difficult to continue.

CN domain name because of the butterfly effect, it is difficult for a short time to attract users


CN domain because the wanton individual stationmaster once closed, stop personal Adsense registration, set the registration threshold, this effect has been widely spread, from a survey data, you can get more than 90% of the netizens are not optimistic about the CN domain name, they said, in the CN domain for the main domain name website often, the reason can not open, but also from time to time by the relevant departments at risk of shutting down, especially after their own web site a few years later began to have a profit, even because of the domain name CN, and was shut down, it is difficult to let people accept things.