challenge the hao123 industry giants thinking

Internet is an imitation and innovation of the Red Sea, some people describe this piece of the Red Sea is any industry can not go beyond; the success of Taobao immediately imitate tens of thousands of Taobao; the success of the hao123 has also created numerous hao123.

imitation is to progress, at present a crooked site navigation called version hao123 attracted the attention of the author; because imitate the success, the success of the innovation makes the author feel again the network does not progress profound rule is back.

Hao123’s success lies in the most ordinary people’s heart, it is a simple point to, very suitable for the fight is also difficult if people; so crooked site navigation has the advantage of

in there?

imitation success lies in structure and interface, which is beyond the advantage of details; the details determine success or failure has been said for many years, but many owners do not pay attention to the details, pay attention to the following Waiwai site navigation details:

1: domain name good remember

two: the interface is refreshing, the public view interface, no drag, simple and clear, this is better than hao123.

three: rich content for navigation site navigation through strict examination content YY, also some formal national automatic entry site, this fact is beyond what I want to say; for example, hao123 dating is divided into two categories, and each category is only a few sites, while yy345 reached five classes, each class is very clear but the site is rich in content, formal.

Hao123 reputation as so many sites do not accept, if the home page shows a year more than 200 thousand (I need your advice), ordinary station to entry difficult, and because the yy345 interface refreshing, clear classification, so accept more excellent sites; Web site navigation to let users have a real stand for their navigation.

the Internet age of imitation and innovation, we expect more excellent websites to emerge, and we also expect yy345 to be more perfect and more innovative.