Ken talk about how to be a good domain name

domain name is the most superficial thing on a website. The quality of a domain name directly affects the brand of the website. Therefore, how can be called a good domain name, is to let the webmaster headache a topic. Now I’ll sort out the domain names.

brand class

in China, the most direct brand of rice is phonetic rice. For example, Baidu, Taobao and pat are very famous examples. Pinyin for Chinese meters of Internet users, especially Larry rice, both easy to remember and catchy. When there is no short meters, choose an international or domestic M M Larry Larry is a good choice. Of course, now the resources of the good Pinyin rice are beginning to be poor, so hurry up and grab it.


if a domain name is smooth, so Internet users in the spread of this site will be very convenient. For example, for example, 717, a netizen named 717, the audience will ask the address of the Internet, if you forget, it will be directly in Baidu search 717. You can check the 717 Baidu index. From the internet word-of-mouth website traffic will definitely not, for example, 4399, light is 4399, in the Baidu index is amazing. The easy kind of domain name, is very good for website promotion, and slowly become a brand.

good note class


class and the class name brand to better remember. There are pure numbers, AAAA, AABB, ABAB and the like, are easy to remember, the number is not too long, generally not more than five digits, the domain name suffix choice to be careful, because many users are not to ignore the memory or suffix suffix, so the preferred international.

good play,

this kind of domain name may not be easy, not easy to remember, also do not have what meaning, but it is not less than the value of the first three, because it is good to play. Now there are still some parts of the computer keyboard is not familiar with the Internet users, if the domain name is not good to play, and then how to remember the Pinyin, the Internet users can not find the key, still no effect. Here, the value of pure digital rice is more and more obvious, because the computer keyboard keys are obvious, so the general pure digital rice is very good. There are similar ASDF, QAZ, such as adjacent to several key domain names, although it is not good to remember, there is no meaning, but good to play, this is the most critical. Good to play means convenient, and so close to ordinary users or to convenience for the theme of the site, you can choose this type of domain name. But such domains are hard to develop into brand meters.

also, say the choice of the domain name suffix. Suffix preferred international domain name.Com or.Net, followed by domestic.Cn, these suffixes are relatively common in the country. For example,, many Internet users mean that the site must have.Com, so ignore the memory suffix did not go, and afterwards often suffix as.Com, so the suffix election is not good, it will inevitably lead to traffic loss. But subject to user oriented, industry subject different >