How to do websites on the sustainable nternet three

micro media alliance experience sharing (columnist Yu Chenghong) the second sequel I write on the network marketing is the lasting development in the form of today is to bring you the third part of the network marketing and network marketing business person. In fact, these content are based on my personal experience gained in work, today I would like to share with you.

: after I began to contact the Internet 14 years from now, from basically is slowly understand something related to network marketing, network marketing is all I know on the basis of the original marketing and marketing ideas for my personal integration, it will produce a new marketing model, practice and exploration of new marketing mode based marketing development to maximize. The concept of network marketing absorbs the essence of many new marketing ideas, but it is different from any kind of marketing idea. The new network marketing to the marketing technical groundwork for the special; although I think everyone in my personal theory do not agree, but this is my personal product marketing in mining, a new marketing mode gave me the definition of network marketing, which is another innovation can bring you a different experience and return. As for the characteristics of the new marketing, I just give you write a few points: 1, interactive communication of a high degree of confidence, 2 good word-of-mouth effect and great influence, guiding the network public opinion trend 3, and search engine marketing seamless integration effect 4, reduce the cost of website promotion can achieve lower cost 5. study on readers’ behavior."

is also a network marketing, but you will be on a variety of resources integration, the integration of a variety of marketing tools and marketing methods; you will find that network marketing will be a cross, the integration of complexity, diversity, inclusiveness, change and value has very high practical value theory.


enterprise articles: through my work in the enterprise to understand, I found that small and medium-sized enterprises network marketing level is very bad, they basically are using telemarketing, network marketing coverage of less than 5%. First of all, some SMEs in the absence of data under the premise of blind establishment of their own business sites, that they can wait for the benefits of the network. Found in the site and not as you imagine play an immediate effect, but also to the network marketing on the opposite direction, that the network marketing Nothing is right., secondly, many small and medium-sized enterprise website and online information is too simple, some important functions such as marketing research, and related groups, interactive products so, brand promotion is completely ignored. Therefore, when I first made the enterprise network marketing, feel good than personal network marketing, because I have enough money and resources, of course, is not my personal, but provided by the enterprise, so that I can show its mettle.

because the enterprise network marketing has its own particularity, if you want to carry out effective network marketing, the key is to focus on the characteristics of the enterprise, combined with the enterprise’s marketing business requirements >