Highlight long revised by Hefei SEO said Adsense profit Road

December 7th in the calendar is a heavy snow solar season, highlighting the long Hefei SEO site in this day quietly revised. In a few hours after switching to the new site, a large number of former friends who have had good communication began to feel very surprised to ask me: "why revision?". Good SEO site changed to Taobao guest shopping site, don’t you think it’s a pity?. A more close friends denounced me as the "black sheep", a good site to change neither fish nor fowl.

from this I would like to talk about my ideas, as well as in this extension of the webmaster profit problems. As everyone knows, we do stand webmaster hard, the starting point is only one, that is to make money, you can say that they are ideal for highfalutin, I don’t mind, but if the food is in rags situation, whether it can express their interests or ideals do stand to it. OK, in doing the station is to make money premise, can’t make money site, naturally need transformation.


had high local seo site repeatedly discussed, in fact this intention is purely just for fun, did not want to profit on it, so the question is, is not profitable site, naturally there is no power too big to do it, so Hefei SEO is in no case. Operation leads to up to three months to reach the first. But there is no doubt that reaching the first is neither the end nor the starting point. At the very least, it is clear that the objectives of this phase have been achieved and that there is no other significance. Every day I get up on time, eat on time and work on time. It doesn’t bring me any influence.

so I understand that the purpose of doing this web site is simply to communicate and share. It may be determined by people’s desire to talk and communicate. In fact, not to build such a blog can exchange, from the individual character, I admit that I belong to the outgoing personality, but fame does not bring real benefits, do a website, if it can’t help you make money, this is a failure. Therefore, after repeated consideration, so a revision of Hefei SEO site, although changed to Taobao customer shopping site, but still retains a forum, highlighting the long column, as the daily post and communication purposes. I think this intention is not changed, still want to keep a piece of land for their own.

here to sum up why there are several reasons: first, the content of this blog is entirely original, writing an article takes one to two hours, obviously too time-consuming. There are other things on hand to do, it is impossible to put too much effort on this site, it is better to retain some of the original articles on the basis of some expansion and extension. Two is the old love website on a server only on a website, the cost is too big, so I hope to be able to maintain the operating costs of transformation. Of course, if there is a certain profit, it will be better. Three, I also feel very sorry about the revision. After all, it is no longer a purely sharing website, so I can continue to be able to solve this problem