Ma Grassland the site can not afford to see the network of prosperity dying

a few days ago, the author received a QQ bulk mail, the title of the main idea is "look at the net – connections supermarket" low-priced". The cross network to understand a little bit, had visited the web, indeed as the pitch said, sideways to see website. As for whether it is on the Internet first sideways websites questionable. Because I long ago had visited a foreign sideways website, its content is the long picture sideways, and growing development. The domestic cross network, perhaps is the founder of creative will burst, sideways to see "cross see network" is very good-looking, with fashionable words positioning "network supermarket", a large-scale promotion of soft paper, which makes the cross network rampant moment, prosperous moment.

now, however, the author has received the news that he wants to sell his hands, and he feels sympathy and sorrow for his founder Duan Fei’s experience and experience. In order to promote cross section fly network, can be said to be hard, whether it is his own nickname "network crab", still dressed offbeat in real life "Wang Xiu", we can see some flying pay considerable effort. For such a more alternative website, the media is also willing to find new things, but also to do the appropriate publicity and reporting. Duan Fei himself has so little a fire. Duan Fei and cross network in such Internet circles and the public view of the fame.

When the new China was set up in

, Huang Yanpei, a famous democratic personage, once put forward such a view that "it is also prosperous, and its death is not obvious". It is suggested that President Mao Zedong should deal with such a historical law. The chairman replied that he had found a way out of the problem, and that was democracy. Today, the Internet community, the prevalence of impetuous. In many large and small websites and webmaster, how to solve the problem of life and death of one after another creative website, is also something we have to think deeply. As a typical cross network, a rapid decline, rise quickly website, what is the reason for it is like the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum after so, a short life cycle of Jade incense was


mail the middle fly the reason is because the limited funds to develop slowly, so ready to hand, the financial strength of the people can negotiate purchase, looking at the net value of their assessment, the low price is very affordable, good strength have the ability to buy fly contact with the cross site long, not recognized don’t bother." Therefore, we can draw a conclusion: cross network prevails, is hard to live. After a year of staggering development, it is difficult to find a suitable profit model. Its own high-profile publicity "connections supermarket", there is speculation too. Moreover, on the Internet, this originally very virtual world, but also play "contacts", this is also very virtual "products", people feel that their thinking is too advanced. Maybe the idea is new and the location is very accurate. But it’s really like "Shudao difficult, almost inaccessible". No wonder that in the period of flying ten > creative view