How does the local website select the operating model in depth understanding of patterns resources

operating model is not just profit model, business model needs to consider profit model. The fundamental of operation mode is to play the three relations of "model – resource – Framework". In other words, the business model is to make rational use of their own resources, determine a reasonable organizational structure, and achieve profit model. Rather, the architecture is determined by patterns and resources.

first, a thorough understanding of the "model – resources – Architecture"

1, understanding mode,

understands the pattern:

model is a method to solve the platform tick value theory.

tick models must be useful to the user, the customer (seller) effective.

tick model must include methods and specifications for users of the service (part of editing norms is to solve this problem), implementation services required to achieve customer service technology products, specifications and procedures etc..

tick mode must contain platform itself profit method, namely profit model.

therefore, the fundamental purpose of the model is to deliver value through the provision of services.

2, understanding resource

don’t say you’re related to a leader, or you know someone as a resource. The real resource is this:

Chinese capital is resources.

when did Master special techniques and means of operation and management of resources.

tick control of production material is part of resources.

special talent resource is b..

your fame, reputation, influence and resources.

in the field of local websites, most entrepreneurs have no money, no people, no experience, no technology, nothing. At the moment, the examples are good, and the founders have one or more expertise in traditional business, management, media experience, and so on.

3, understanding schema

says architecture, what is architecture?

Chinese architecture is business process, management process, human resources organization.

Chinese architecture is the way to realize the model.


architecture is the organizational form of resources b..

The architecture of

, or in the field of basic system, the local site is ignored, is nonsense. This is a major problem with the poor execution of local websites,


two, how do you deal with the relationship between the three?

we carefully analyze several specific cases, you will understand why I am on the operation mode long-drawn and tedious documents so profound theoretical analysis.

case 1: million PV local sites, large industry started, should use division or cross division?