Classified information web site future destiny

remember, classification information should be from the beginning of 04 years, on a piece, all classified information website, and soon died again, and really live up to a minority. This is where the nature of the classified information, the entry threshold is low, the real operation is not so simple! Even so, stop the webmaster or against the wind and of course, I am one of them! Do the classified information website also have a few years, the website for one after another, only to today China Post Bar classification, classification is FL, Post Bar 78 harmonics, which is when I do a few websites only want to invest in the promotion of A.

recently your workload is not too big, you went to the station to see some forum program, look at the classification of information source program production dynamic, don’t know, I feel a worry for future

classification information in the future

first analyze a good classification information, the website has a few conditions is what, my personal view is:

1, to have a good web site source code, and now fluent in the following characteristics.

classification is clear, add a flexible, powerful screening, category independent advertising delivery, the right to independent category optimization, column page, page information to generate static, i.e. HTML, can bind the two domain names, DIV+CSS calls to simplify the page.

2, there should be enough manpower and resources to do promotion.

3, to enrich the content of the site, to browse for good, can see, early acquisition is essential.


said above, to the extent possible to put the individual owners who did not have the strength to complete in a few years ago, but in the classification of information development a few years later, personal webmaster do is possible. The following three points to solve the advantages:

1, solve the program source code, now a lot of open source program is doing a good job, such as the Empire, PHP168, who understand programming, more than a month can make out a large classified information program source code, even I can’t, I can’t buy one, as long as hundreds of yuan you can take, and what functions are very powerful, generating static, classification optimization, all source code, is not difficult to get, as long as there is money


2, here’s the promotion. The method is the oldest and most practical method "quote the best don’t use what marketing software, because you do not yellow station, you do not do today, tomorrow servo! The more money, recruit more people, also afraid of website promotion out! If you have money!

3, and website content. In the first place, open source programmers now have information gathering functions in the background, and thousands of messages are available in minutes. And there’s the information collection software on the Internet that is so powerful that it has to admire the brains of programmers! A few days ago, with a program design team!