Deconstructing how Taobao O2O enters the marriage industry


introduction: Ma a sentence, "local life service is five or six o’clock sun, larger than the electricity supplier commodity category", sounding the horn of Taobao into life service. It covers many industries, as a known real trading platform, Taobao will do in the service life of this? We know that O2O is a great feature of each industry to each industry has different point, no unified approach, this is how Taobao will enter the marriage industry issues, of the work the interview in the first Taobao life marriage industry second, learned from the ideas and focus on the marriage of O2O Taobao life.

for Taobao life, marriage is clearly a development focus, then the wedding industry is a large-scale market, attracted to Taobao life to vigorously promote it?

small two: according to the data of third parties, the market size of the marriage industry has reached 3000-4000 billion. Marriage or marriage industry covers more than a dozen categories of goods or services, such as clothing, wedding services (such as the big four: camera, with the film, makeup, MC), wedding photography, tourism, catering (wedding), jewelry, gifts, hotels etc.. Although the scale of marriage industry is not small, but also to see, is a very low frequency of consumer industries, is a typical high frequency industry.

therefore, O2O in the marriage industry is not simply solved by simple products or applications, but must be involved in the whole consumer decision making process. Information, community, reviews, prices, security, etc., need to be taken into account.

marriage industry big enough nor complicated enough already doing O2O wedding, the bride street, long married, married in 591 network and other enterprises, is said to have the Philharmonic live strategy to a marriage, what is the starting point of Taobao

?Waiter: Taobao

and wedding related goods should be said is very rich, but we are more concerned about the direction of O2O, how to really be able to provide better service experience for local users, as well as local businesses how to better service goods display and transactions, and the formation of online word-of-mouth precipitation.

so Taobao life is the starting point of the first wedding photography, wedding service to cut into the marriage industry. The first wedding photography is a relatively standardized service merchandise, shooting, series, style, clothing, products can establish standardized service attributes, and the industry IT ability and internet promotion ability is relatively mature, easier to shape product brand influence and aggregation. The wedding service is very partial localization services, Taobao will from the service commodity rich online, wedding service security system and a higher standard of quality, the introduction of more local wedding service enterprise or wedding service platform to rich merchants and the number of goods, in order to form the industry’s influence on