Domain name is an important link for the website to build the brand under the line

for modern enterprises, has entered the era of Internet economy. Network marketing has become the core development strategy of some enterprises. Enterprises in order to be in the winter of the financial crisis to shine second spring, we must establish a digital brand. Corporate culture, business philosophy, core values into network marketing, we must first start from the domain name, the domain name is the entrance of the enterprise network marketing channels and network is a valuable asset of enterprises, the domain name is identification and dissemination of unique enterprise in the network name. A good domain name will become the standard bearer of enterprise’s economic activities on the Internet and represents the brand image of the enterprise. Therefore, the establishment of excellent digital brand depends on good domain name and enterprise scientific network management, and now many companies are constantly learning domain name knowledge, protection of domain name intellectual property rights, enhance the domain name knowledge level.

we can say, the domain name and brand digital are complementary and interdependent as like fish in water. Enterprises set up digital brands in order to better carry out network marketing, integration into the Internet economy, is from line to line extension. Well then. Means that the domain name is an important part of the basic elements of the website and Internet based services, on behalf of the site itself is the brand image of the window, now the domain name cybersquatting domain name auction transactions unpopular, the continuing phenomenon is because people realize that the domain name brand value. A good domain name related to the overall development of the site, if you choose a failed domain name at the very beginning, the operation, promotion and so on after the website may suffer the bad influence, even causes the website to collapse. Many websites and enterprises don’t realize the importance of the domain name value in time, the domain name is registered by others, and there is no feasible method to protect the rights, and only buy back the domain name at high price. The domain name dispute of happy net, DUPONT (Du Pont) and P&, G (P & G) and other well-known brand domain name of domestic and international have been registered. The high price recovery of is a living example. So stationmaster net satisfied that website domain name protection of domain name brand pursuit of resources, but also to create the key line under the brand effect.

because now the website, especially some local vertical segmentation portal and classification information website, in addition to focusing on online promotion, for offline promotion also pay special attention to. Especially the local subdivision industry site, mainly for users from the local, local users want to win the most effective way of promotion is not online, but the next line, and the line combination. Website, online promotion methods, channel development has been saturated, the promotion for the crowd is relatively fixed. Some owners will say, usually see promotion articles in the webmaster portal, always feel that a few after all is said and done, just different specific applications. The effect is sometimes not obvious when it is actually implemented. If you want to tap more users, offline promotion is imperative. Domain name is a web site for offline users, so that the next line of users understand the direct window of the website, in order to promote the success of offline promotion, we must recognize the role of domain names.

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