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, after his first prank, ended up thinking about it for six months without thinking what he could do. In the fall of 2007, I would rather resign than feel secure for some time. Mary is to support my decision, although there is no direction, but we have to realize only step out and have to try to find out the progress, otherwise only has come to a standstill.

I gave myself three years, and in those three years, I felt around and tried, and if it didn’t work, I tried the next thought. I won’t leave any leeway for myself. Only in this way can I push myself into a hopeless situation and know how much potential I have in a desperate situation. After a week’s resignation, there was still no clue, so he discussed with Mary: "go and try the stall.". Soon, we wholesale some small decorations, began to put up the stall.

The first time

Chutan is still a little nervous. Carrying a bag full of stuff out of the house, to a busy street, here has been filled with a variety of stalls, not easy to find a palm sized space in a corner, spread a piece of cloth, no one will drive around, put things out.

I do not know what other

stalls are from the local pull lights over, we not only borrow someone else a little more than light, location is remote, we feel shy and yell, had to stand there, watching people coming and going around. We thought this night would be so silly, standing aside, an aunt squatted down to pick up a little thing. It was a plastic cat that could make a money chest. It was lovely. My aunt asked how much money, and Mary or Mary was at a loss about what to do, fast: 15 dollars. Aunt no counter-offer, directly to the money, took it.

Mary and I stared at each other again: a? So shocked, aunt did not go. That night put about 2 hours, the result is unexpected: sell a total of 80 dollars, although not earn a few dollars, but on the way back we still could not stop the excitement: after all, this is our own to earn the first money. For the next month or so, we’ll put up a stall whenever we have a chance. In the process, some people have left a deep impression on us:

had a more than 60 year old man who saw our little stall and asked us which school we were in. I said I had graduated. The old man shook his head. "Why don’t you go to work?" I said. "I want to exercise.". The old man bought a few things and went away with a sigh. A neighbor’s aunt tells us a lot of things, such as when the stall is safe, different time, where to stall, can sell a little more things.

also has the owner drive us away, don’t let us stand in front of the shop, and the shop while the stall door was wide distance… Count down, through the spot we have earned more than 200 dollars, I think, a less than two square meters of small stalls can also earn 200 dollars, if a more >