Discussion on the development of local classified information network


had a station, it is due to a no registration information station to do the case of Hohhot.

is an information station without registration can release information is a good thing, but after thinking, Ali send information network the first version was dismissed, or switch to the needs of users, it can hold many people. Pull partial, or to talk about the development of Ali information network it.


station was founded in May 2009, started by a simple QQ chat, e-mail and other means of publicity, we like this grassroots webmaster, the beginning is only such propaganda, depending on this result is not very ideal, then the search engine login site log in page registration site, so the effect is very good the end is the weight of the suffix ORG high or what, anyway, the first day of the search engine, the second day was collected, in the future every day included. Be included in the search engine is a good thing, most users are from here.

How to apply for the September GOOGLE ADSENSE

was down, so that the website of every hue of things, the station is currently linked to the advertising is not to make money, but to really make money hyperchromic, advertising, as a regional information station or hang local businesses advertising long time charging price cost.

then continue searching for local businesses looking for cooperation, 10 to go home, do not know KC or not, not RP, or simply can not find the right person, anyway, cooperative businesses rarely, at the end of the station to a group of businessmen held dinner, take the initiative to come to seek cooperation, in this I want to thank the non Town, banners, dinner is the merchant fee. I think this is also an effective way of publicity.

finally is looking for information stations, BBS type website links. To raise the PR value.

now PR=1, included in the situation is quite ideal. Hope similar new station exchange friendship link, let us develop together. The content of this article is the webmaster (personal feelings, literary talent is not good, but every word is true. The following picture shows the collection, and the screenshot time is October 30, 2009.