County level local decoration website operation strategy analysis

with a lot of county-level city start to relax restrictions on the real estate market, real estate sales appeared significantly warmer, which also led to the property and the industry appeared to pick up trends related to real estate decoration industry is so, as a county city local decorate website, also ushered in the development of their own re the opportunity.

but these years, the local market website appeared obvious intersection, many local real estate network, local communities and information website will be involved in real estate this piece of decoration, the decoration is just a place to channel these sites, so the local decoration competition has become more intense, as a place to decorate website, if the operation is not well, no place where those comprehensive website decoration channel hot, so to beat the competitors in the competition, establish the local authority image decoration site is the key.

therefore, as a county-level city’s local decoration sites should also follow the brand operating strategy, the following from three aspects to analyze, how to create a brand authority of local decoration sites.

1: positioning strategy of county local decoration website

local decoration site positioning is very clear, that is, good service, local decoration companies and decoration needs of businesses and families. But this is obviously more general, we need further analysis of downstream industry decoration company, such as decoration materials market, according to the detailed analysis of the local decoration industry market, find their own website and website promotion focus on core operations. If the city where the decoration industry in Internet marketing is neglected, it also needs in the operation of the site, opening up the network market, attract more businesses and family needs of users with high quality content a lot of attention, when the website with the user, then things will come.

two: brand promotion strategy of county local decoration website

if you want to build the brand of local decorate website, publicity of the importance of clearly self-evident, as the local decorate website, in the propaganda should follow the line, the combination of offline publicity principle, publicity is the core of the brand, so how to enhance the brand image of the


held large-scale activities, or become a sponsor in the local some large activities, while investment funds, this is not cheap, but has a strong brand appeal, because in the eyes of consumers, there is the concept of Like attracts like. so when large Birds of a feather flock together., where you can decorate website in the local sponsor a large, or the main push, so authoritative attractive to users and the site is extremely high help.

and actively participate in large-scale activities, continuous exposure so there are a lot of opportunities in the local news, this can also increase the authority and brand attributes, this way of marketing, there is a difficulty is contacts, if there are relationships that will do much. Of course, the site has popularity, through their own active >