Enterprises should pay attention to the construction of websites

in this era of Internet, enterprises need to be an independent website to promote their own image and products or services. People’s life and work are inseparable from the Internet, and the website is an important window for the enterprise. In general, websites are mostly outsourced, and it is important to communicate with the contractors and listen to the advice of professionals. Do the best fit, some business owners see what others want to do what, but wavering on the surface of the fancy, but some function is useless just decoration, enterprises mainly listen to professional advice, focus on practicality is more important. So what should I pay attention to when I’m doing a website?

one, the page is best succinct atmosphere, cannot resemble industry portal website so complex,

enterprise website only when customers need to visit, unlike portals and other sites, Internet users will often visit, enterprise station page to let customers at a glance can find what needs.

two, in a clear position for convenient contact

such as the business address, telephone, fax, E-mail, QQ and so on, if there are offices or other subsidiaries, to specify the contact, the nearest convenient customer contact, can also be placed on the online customer service mode in the "floating on both sides, it is best not to put the pop-up, every access to a customer the page should be closed once, make people uncomfortable, contact should be friendly, do not force customers click.

three, provide the company’s dynamic news and related industry news, and make timely updates,

let visitors to understand the situation of the company and related industries, company news can not be too much, appropriate news will be released on its website, industry news, select the representative, updated three or four times a week, it won’t take much time.

four, a detailed description of the company’s flagship product or service

The best

related pictures and text combination, the picture should be treated appropriately, including the size, size, clarity, and this is the time it takes to arrange, after the update is not much, a good, and this is one aspect of network marketing is very important, most business owners hope that through their own websites can facilitate transactions.

five, relevant success stories and customer reviews

this is the important factor to other aspects of corporate image recognition and promotion company, make sure that the real record of successful cases if customers are more familiar with, the force is very strong, customer evaluation is related to the real justice, not exaggerated too much, the best proof of the old customers, such as cover old customers of the company seal etc..

six, do customer feedback and related complaints and suggestions,

new and old customers can through the website feedback, suggestions and so on, to the enterprise to carry on the work to have the very big help function, the enterprise itself also must pay attention