Amoy brand Group founder how to achieve annual sales of 80 million

Author: Niu thousand

last week Amoy brand (now renamed the Tmall original) group announced a $20 million financing, but also to take this opportunity to point and control technology founder and CEO Zhang Fuli were face to face.


, a friend in the industry talked about differences between North and South entrepreneurship, joked that, Beijing, some of the vertical media B2C repeatedly appeared in the media, sales can not even compare with a big Taobao C.

group is a denim brands electricity supplier, currently has two C in Taobao, a Tmall B shop, while also providing denim products in the form of B2B to a comprehensive line of clothing brand. Their record is June 2010, landing Taobao, line 17 minutes to 6000 pairs of jeans sold; 3 months later, was invited to become the Amoy brand; 2011 double 11, sales exceeded 30% Levis; 2012 annual sales of 80 million, this year is expected to 160 million, net profit of about 30%.

for control, not uncommon in the media before, even a lot of business circle of friends do not understand. So, what I’m most curious about is, as a brand that didn’t enter the Taobao platform very early, how did you do it in the field of competitive clothing?


Zhang Fuli shared a few points:

1, locate

control only cowboy, cowboy is a seemingly vertical but large segments of the market, almost regardless of age, regardless of gender, regardless of nationality, everyone has one or two pairs of jeans.

she provides data, currently under the denim online clothing sales accounted for 15%-18%, while online only 4%. According to the big Taobao’s next 10 trillion volume target, as well as 26.7% of these clothing proportion, in the clothing 15% cowboy proportion, the cowboy market approximately occupies 400 billion.

jeans is a no off season clothing category that can reduce inventory pressure.

in addition, China is the world’s largest producer of jeans (supply chain), but there is no local cowboy brand.

two, product

control is the "buyer + designer" system, on-line the first shipment is taken directly from the factory sales of foreign brands, of course, the price is very attractive.

then gradually increased their design, and from style, version, fabric, technology and other aspects of strict checks. In short, that is cost-effective.

three, marketing,

sorry, not directly to the various channels to promote the effect from the control data, last year’s marketing expenses accounted for 10% of sales, about 8 million.