Let time give you money

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these days we have been discussing the problem of website development team, especially the profit model, I think this is a lot of personal webmaster confusion, hope to bring out the topic, common progress. A few days ago and a mister coffee, and he talked to us in this outdoor leisure website, he asked a question: "I know that you have to stick to the five years of perseverance, but the site accumulated in the five years of things, really can play the" cumulative effect "at first?" I don’t quite understand the meaning of this sentence, he explained to me said: "the Internet business models mature a lot, but have one thing in common, that is the time for you to make money.". For example, Alipay, a few years ago, when Alipay does not charge any fees, he is very profitable. Because he is a bank, so many members of the money in it, the money used to invest, the benefits are very impressive. Moreover, as time goes on, members gradually increase, and his indirect income will gradually increase. For example, 17OUT will plan a classic outdoor leisure theme every week, and then plan a new theme next week, which is very innovative. However, it will inevitably lead to duplication of manpower resources investment, but in the long run to think, 5 years later, 17OUT is still in such a cycle of planning a new theme, what you accumulate at that time? You can produce wealth accumulation of these things for you? "

of the dialogue, we do not know what do you feel? Come back and say we be standing, we are very good at "pseudo original + acquisition", various collector are very skilled, but now most open source template comes with data acquisition system. On the other hand, we are very good at pseudo original, Ctrl C + Ctrl V OK, a little hard webmaster can put before a hundred words change, or change the order of words.


is difficult, don’t you think it’s too easy,


, Alibaba and Sina are by collection, by pseudo original build out,


why do we do everything for our website every day and not create value for us in the future?

maybe it’s time to think about it……

(1) if you are positioning the garbage station for your station, then please continue Ctrl C + Ctrl V, it’s understandable, and money may also be good, well done, one month