Grab the user’s design clear mobile application forms


[editor’s note] this article is reprinted from @elya girl’s personal blog. In order to more designers can seriously consider the special form of mobile applications, to maximize the form design experience, improve efficiency and improve satisfaction. This paper from the clear visual Zongxian, packets of information, the ultimate subtraction, instead of using the selected input, labels and text layout, relying on explicit confirmation password, reasonable use of the keyboard, check the secret of the eight dimensions to share my mobile application form design.

, a clear visual line

when users browse information, if there is not enough emphasis on the elements, will browse from top to bottom, from left to right, Web is a "F" line of sight, the mobile terminal is more often "L" line of sight (navigation and important operations are often below), so if you form the visual browsing order, in line with the rule of "L", basically meet the user’s psychological expectations, does not require any search, any thought, can be a simple and efficient implementation of the single end table to fill and submit.


this is a login form of visual ordinate example, users attention to the first user input box, then pay attention to the password input box, then naturally found the login button.

There are many examples of

negative, such as the following two:


is the first example of more common, after the user input the user name and password, directly see the operation button is registered, not logged in, about the layout of the way, even if you use color segmentation, can not stop the line of sight of users to register, so simple eye movement tests can be found, then the user staring at registration pause to think about is can hardly be avoided.

second a counterexample will be more prominent, because the relationship between tag and forms is not very good, the user needs to read the tag content, then read the contents of the text input box guide, line of sight is always left – right – left > > > right, this is not friendly, when the final submission, and the sight of the translation into the upper right corner to find the login button, of course, I am not in the challenge iPhone design, if you have such a global operating bar, the upper right corner to submit the form item is OK, but it also applies only to the keyboard will block the submit button.

two, message grouping,


form is not from the top of the list to the bottom of it, but to pass information organization, the same kind of form can be put together, when the form is too long, can be split into different groups, so that users should fill in, similar to a task of dismantling, can