From the site to all network entrepreneurs

Hello everyone, I’m the head of the 96 webmaster forum, A5 forum ID called chord into the network, the first to webmaster web home, previously in its A5 forum rushing around. Today, I happen to find so many people paying attention to my forum. I am here to thank A5 for its popularity and thank you for your consistent support! Thank you!

!I am also a

first and everyone in the same hard pioneer colleagues! From the beginning of April 2008 germination entrepreneurial idea quit to work for 09 years in February officially launched the website, until now has more than 10000 members, began to establish a forum of stationmaster operation career! Various difficulties experienced during the difficult and unpleasant is only yourself! I suddenly look back what I found nothing, just get a bunch of out of order website program! Do you my website N times, from the beginning to spend 12000 yuan for the LRD to do a ASP station to mid spent 5000 yuan to find a GRD ASPX pirate station and then to their understanding of the A5 forum and I spent too much time and energy and money on the site, but there is no improvement! I am very grateful to the A5 forum gave me a chance, I can sell some forum through the A5 collection Collection of small programs, earn some living expenses.


, I also set up the Yunnan life information network 31 website navigation China pharmaceutical investment network these small stations, I can have a small monthly income. I hope I can do a great job one day, until I really succeed, or go back to that sentence, thanks to the A5 forum, because with him, I know nothing about the network, to make profit.

also made me from a A5 forum managers into technicians, it also can not blame the A5 Forum (A5 itself is not wrong, but also do well, the only bad thing is not a well recognized management approach, this is not A5’s fault, because it is not possible including Kang Sheng), we can only blame ourselves, we didn’t know what they should do or what to do.

you have been such a long time, there is a big part of the webmaster has been plagued by no good program, even many webmaster registered companies have been waiting for a good program! But a real sense of the website is not it is good to bring members or retain members not only can achieve the final appearance! The decision is always content: why members to you this? You can get to this


although we give high praise and praise to A5 forum, but most are from the technical point of view, and from the project point of view, the website operation angle to analyze people and geometry,


why a lot of people website operation is not successful? And these people are often to the site is not successful due to certain functions of website program finally complained, but because of these people to study the technical problems of the day, "