Although the contact network of several months talented day in one thousand yuan when the owners

contact network although several months, talented day in one thousand yuan when the owners of

recently stationmaster net a talented woman, but not long contact network daily income can reach thousands, except I poison admire or admire, admire me think of a problem, you really hundred Dutch success? Or do you see her success in the


carefully to analyze this problem, first please read, "interview: 100 lotus pictures Inn owners" faint hundred Dutch   ", from 5 thousand IP to 20 thousand IP, I spent two days!"

finished reading and began to analyze why he had thousands of daily income.

I watched her charge service, which was to teach computer courses online, involving elementary computer operation, simple network operation and so on. These projects are true, and they seem to me to be very, very simple operations, but why does she succeed? Will there be so many people joining in her studies,


first, a hundred Dutch to produce their own music attracted a crowd, then in this group of people will have so few want to do this and personally themselves, so just faint 100 charge to provide such services, so the transaction is successful. So a hundred Dutch early music works to her to do business in the intangible help.

second, see faint 100 lotus QQ space, you will find that she is focusing on the user experience, user experience and now I said didn’t speak, she pays attention to communicate with customers, talk about feelings, heart to heart, this is her second factors to seize the user, after all the hearts of the people are the meat long is the emotional.

third, a hundred Dutch is a beautiful girl, a lot of people do, but the site is not a lot of beautiful girls, of course in this group is not a lot of needless to say, so this is a condition of her own.

fourth, and hundred Dutch on their serious and responsible spirit, this is she has so many repeat reasons, I saw a senior superintendent on her web site, she called the 100 lotus all classes, I am Chinese, optical fee 1500, if 100 charge not so good service, people will give her the money? So the pre-sale service is customer service let 100 charge to strive for further improvement.

fifth, cannot do without their efforts, I go to bed at night about 4-5, I have dozens of webmaster, generally at that time basically no one to speak, but you will find that the hundred Dutch still, Q her, asked her a few sleep back, what time passed on the courseware what time to sleep. It was already around 4 in the morning, and as a girl, it was pretty good. No wonder she interviewed her. She said she was 96 before the website, and now it’s 86.

poison summary:

really has miracles. Actually, a lot of people don’t think they can see such a course, and they will think of such simple things as everyone