Entrepreneur is your web ready yet

autumn is a season of what I cannot find the words to describe, but I love autumn, in this season, the weather is always sunny, cloudless sky, I often looked up and looking forward to the sky like a bird fly, if you like a bird happy the free good! But this is my mood before this fall, even if I raised a headache, also can not find back that a relaxed mood, the original idea is

can decide the mood!We lived in a cold

throughout the summer of this year, many discussions with friends when they are mentioned in the development of enterprise e-commerce, in the last month in my mailbox with an email above content is about 3G under the background of our company how to develop e-commerce! Set up 10th anniversary raving in the Alibaba: "we will create 1000 e-commerce platform of thousands of small businesses, we need to create 100 million jobs in the world. We want to provide a platform for the consumption of 1 billion people around the world, we hope that through the 10 million business platform, through all our business platform, let all the small enterprises through technology, through the Internet, through e-commerce, to compete with any large enterprises." Do you know how many companies don’t have their own websites? Is it too early to talk about e-commerce without a website?

Remember when

first and the father of a friend chat said after the enterprise should be how to develop, but ask their company has no website, he answered in a clean manner no! I said: the website is a good stuff should be built one, or I will send you a network which can do no fishing!? when I asked the customer how to contact them, he said on the phone, when something is by fax! Their own mailboxes are not


this is the reality, an entrepreneur can’t use the mailbox does not understand what is the electronic commerce, directly into the electronic information era! Actually promote e-commerce is a good thing, we are not in the body at top speed at the same time, but also to those who walk forward, but also to help them get the most basic, saddle boots, whip with a good, teach them the basic essentials, horse riding posture


has some enterprises they seem to understand the electronic commerce, they seem to understand Web2.0, they seem to understand the principle of the mailbox every day, when you open the mailbox, full of spam! Let me do not curse, I am not a rude person but I unreasonable you will not be able to see you! I knew why I swear inside the mailbox! Even a greeting words are not, I would like to listen to you, buy your products to your activities, you may think that? Don’t you think your mail is a flesh and blood, but also a few seconds breathing a living? Not even the least polite said how do you help others marketing! Said what is your marketing expert, but it happened a little accident! This year is filled with experts, what.