How to find business opportunities in crisis

crisis may occur at any time in our lives, not only to the lives of many people have an impact, but also to the business of countless operators have an impact. In short, the current financial crisis inevitably continues, the economic development of various industries were affected, economic recession triggered employment outlook is unknown, enterprise workers make outflow, cigarette sales encounter consumer confidence, consumer demand situation. In the face of the crisis, it is very important for us to fight the battle of a cigarette.

first to pay attention to changes in the sales environment. The impact of the financial crisis bottomed out when it is difficult to predict, the economic situation is changing, consumer demand is always in the dynamic change, the frequent flow of migrant workers in the 1-3 month is obvious influence on all areas of cigarette sales, some retail stores due to population outflow is contrary to some retail sales difficult, because of population flow and the increase in sales. According to market research forecasts, this sales pattern will change after March.

on the one hand, the country is constantly introducing policies to expand domestic demand, the gradual completion of the regulation and control of enterprises, the economy has gradually entered a smooth operation; on the other hand, the population is returning to the Township before returning to find opportunities. Therefore, the current cigarette sales need to pay close attention to changes in the surrounding sales environment, seize the opportunity to increase investment in the crisis to expand domestic demand, stimulate consumption and other policies to promote the sale of cigarettes.

second to establish a reasonable cigarette reserves. Because of the continuing economic recession caused by the backlog of concerns, many retailers choose to reduce the inventory and inventory of the way to deal with, or even focus on the current single brand sales. However, consumer demand tends to be unstable, while the main selling brand is not equal to the continued marketable brand, the main sales may also become unmarketable, the lack of the supply of marketable brands, sales opportunities fleeting.

to establish a reasonable cigarette inventory can not only meet the needs of different consumer demand, but also help to manage the turnover of funds, thereby reducing operating risks. That is, the establishment of a reasonable cigarette reserves, on the one hand can cope with the sudden increase in demand, on the other hand, we can better grasp the sales trend, to avoid the transfer of demand caused by a single brand inventory backlog. Therefore, the establishment of a reasonable amount of cigarette reserves, will be directly related to the level of cigarette profitability.

once again to maintain a positive sales mentality. In the face of the economic downturn, some retailers began to have a pessimistic view of cigarette sales, however, pessimism is the enemy of the current cigarette sales. Imagine in the economy is not good, almost all retail operators will become relatively difficult.

and cigarettes as fast consumer goods, it is easier to make those who did not appear obvious demand at this time, the key lies in the ability to explore such consumer demand >