Horse Grassland Six flashes of good domain names

Internet has never been a calm place, a wave of hot events to attract people’s attention. .CM domain name on August 1st officially opened registration, the news in the circle of owners quickly spread. The article should be "horse prairie: miss the first domain name transaction" my promise, plus the.CM domain name registration open days, the author briefly talk about a good domain name should have some basic characteristics, one can not be said to be the guidance of new, two are not afraid of being laughed at that master.

one,.Com best

now the domain name market on the Internet has matured, and there is also a set of legal arbitration and litigation mechanisms for dispute settlement. The domain name plus family complex, in addition to the most common international top-level domain, the importance of the country domain name is obvious, there are some areas of the domain name, because there is a special meaning can be explained, but also by growers who sought. However, there is no denying the fact that among the many domain names,.COM is the most popular. Of course, the main reason is that the Internet has the highest degree of recognition, but because the registration space is very narrow, there is no good.COM domain name for investment. The opportunities for such domain names appear in the domain name market.

two, the shorter the domain name, the better.

short length domain name is good domain name, this view believes most people will agree, and the shorter the better. In fact, with each domain name open for registration on the occasion, you will find that the short domain name, it is generally difficult to register, because it had basically been carved up some organizations and individuals, such as single or double digital domain, some short English letter names and so on. In this context, it doesn’t mean we can’t register into a short, good domain name. Change thinking, and now the domain name market is more flowering, digital and letter combination of "miscellaneous rice" is also a popular trend. So, with your brain and your intelligence, there are still some opportunities to rush into some short, good domains.

three, the better to remember the domain name,

is short, which means good to remember, but a good name does not necessarily require a short domain name. When.COM was in vogue all over the world, Americans who had been born in the Internet had already registered almost any number of English alphabet domains. In recent years, China’s international status has increased day by day, and a large number of small and medium-sized websites have sprung up in the golden age of development. Therefore, for domestic users Larry domain started 10493, what Douban ah, ah, ah, happy net is clear. Well remembered domain name not only originates from the overseas English alphabet, but also needs to make the article from the Chinese people’s memory habit characteristic. According to this feature, I believe we will have some harvest!


four, the more meaningful domain name, the better

domain name is good to remember, but if it has a certain general purpose, it is undoubtedly icing on the cake. In other words, >