From the campus network happy network to micro blog WeChat secret social products for ten years

Abstract: in my opinion, we Chinese difficult through simple online information and online communication is to build trust, met to really get to know a person, only online in order to truly in-depth and effective communication. So we do "meeting" is to try to combine online and offline, to help users build an effective career social platform.

a "ten years of watercress, a typical elite community ups and downs", stirred up a number of literary and artistic youth of this China’s most representative community regrets and memories. As a skilled worker, it seems difficult to have such a resonance.

but remember carefully, since 2006, I began to contact from the internal network, to enter the Internet industry, has become a product manager for many years engaged in social product, is also going through 10 years of changing social product. At the end of the year, everyone likes to take stock of the moment, I also know what I have learned – the development of social products in the past 10 years.

, a new campus social

2006, when we are still on campus reading, the campus network on the "elite college" gimmicks, in the dormitory downstairs posters A4 posters, leaflets issued, began to step into the SNS’s earliest battlefield.


was subsequently talked about registration, send chicken and other marketing activities, and now sweep yards registered gift O2O subsidies are similar, are to change money for users.

but it is worth mentioning that, then do the chicken marketing, and not from the university campus network users started as a seed, zhanzuo and 5Q school but later want to catch up on the edge of network market in Beijing. Facts have proved that there is no real relationship between precipitation and social scenes, these attracted by the chicken leg of the registered users can only become financing data, but can not effectively translate into active users.

So then, zhanzuo

school 5Q edge network in Beijing, Shanghai, also failed to advance beyond the city campus network etc.. 5Q school border network is thousand oak company’s Web site, the company founder Chen Yizhou with entrepreneurial aura, was ChinaRen co-founder. 5Q school border network in Beijing scramble for users can not, and turn to force in the northeast, relying on campus push to obtain a certain user base, with financing costs. While zhanzuo is taking the League route, apparently has no mass base, even if the founder of Zhang Fan with Chen Yizhou like Standford MBA background, took advantage of early financing, no follow-up.

The story behind

is known to everyone. Wang, founder of the school network, because the background is not as good as the above several tall, financing failure, and finally had to sell to Chen Yizhou on campus. Since then, 5Q school border network and the school network merger, in fact, is still using the school network products. Campus network in 08, 09 years ushered in the rapid outbreak of users, 09 years changed its name to Renren, 11 years listed, it is created the most brilliant moment of the domestic social network. < >