Can we make ends meet if we are a Taobao

Taobao customers are those who help Taobao sellers to promote goods and earn commissions. As long as the goods get Taobao promotion link, let buyers through the promotion of your link to the Taobao store to purchase goods and confirm the payment, you can earn by the seller to pay commissions, no cost, no need to take the risk, the highest commissions commodity turnover 50%.

does not need the investment cost based on Taobao customers, no risk, high commission, do not even need to establish their own websites, so more and more people to join the Taobao customer team, eventually someone happy people worry. A small number of people did make a lot of money through Taobao customers, but most did not make money through Taobao customers. Why others can do Taobao can make money, but we do not make money off Taobao’s money? In an effort to promote their Taobao customers, we do not make money also very hard to promote their Taobao customers, we are not profitable enough to actually? We are not hard enough, but because we do not very good method of Taobao customers.

to help Taobao can really make money to feed themselves, A5 network owners decided to organize the fifth Taobao guest Wangzhuan training, consulting: QQ:886128 (hadron), start time: April 21st -5 month 4 days, training mode: remote network training video + speech teaching. Through the system of Taobao guest content training, Taobao customers in the first batch, the second batch of all began to realize profit, the third batch of fourth batch of students also began to realize profit, some students daily income of more than 500.

A5 webmaster network, Taobao guest training, focusing on training, how to choose products that can make money, how to make a profitable website, how to make money can be promoted and so on.

how to choose products that can make money? First of all to choose a huge profits products, and there is a certain amount of demand. The profits of the product, you need every day to sell a product, a month can get a high commission, while the profits of the products, you sell 100 pieces a day, a month may be only a few hundred dollars, the same time, others can be easily get a high commission, because people choose the product is profiteering. What products profiteering? This I do not tell you, want to know more details, please participate in Taobao training.

how to make a profitable website, choose a windfall product, not yet, and need a website that can make money. What kind of website can make money? We must first consider whether to choose what to do station system, the overall optimization of the SEO website, title, keywords, description rational writing labels; pseudo static station configuration file; reasonable application of repeated robots.txt file screen page; make the chain; to do outside the chain of high quality; good quality the content and profits related products etc..