Good industry website understanding is the key point

The website

industry as a network have been accepted by all the business model, now more and more people concern, but how the industry website do deep, do fine, how to find their own unique business model, which is different for various industries. For our own experience, let’s share with you:

industry website, the first to establish an information platform, began to sort out content, release content, and then do optimization, to attract users to browse the web site. And everyone will do a forum, through the forum to accumulate popularity, increase user viscosity. Through the accumulation of a period of time, there may be a certain user base, or do one or two years, not many users, and then nothing. This is a key point there is, how the information, or forum to accumulate popularity? Information, of course, is the more the better, the best have a post, a day to send a few dozen, not hired, according to the number of posts for money. But there will be a problem, forum or website has become a knowledge accumulation, or the cold, the user may search here, look left, so how to retain customers is the key problem. Here you need to provide unique content that is difficult to find elsewhere, or more than you can find. Second points, is also very rare, is a good site atmosphere, increase communication and interaction, which is not a simple data can do, we feel that this is to do the most difficult to do, how to increase the popularity of the website or forum, engage in activities, engage in grade, engage in gold and so on are work with the good method, who can be successful, wonderful use of heart.

is popular is to engage in the profit model, is for members of the most simple, collect business membership fees, the most simple, but it is the most difficult, because businesses don’t look at your popularity is to give you money, advertising, and advertising is the most seen, touched, so we must change the pattern, the webmaster network graph king is an example to all owners, with intermediary transactions, webmaster server training, group purchase and so on, but behind these activities is the accurate grasp of the needs of the majority of owners, and this is the key to a webmaster understanding of this industry, there is a friends engage in Internet cafes talent ( to estimate the general people are not full of sound and colour, think of how they are profitable, because we do not understand the industry, and we do instrument network ( to outsiders And we don’t know how we make a profit. Therefore, the industry website, in addition to understanding of the network, the understanding of the industry is also very important, especially the breakdown of the industry website.

The best

must remember that some industry website, the industry needs of users is the key, want to do in the outside, what is the industry needs of users, if we through the website now to meet the needs of users.