Adsense promotion class soft Wen misleading ideas let webmaster lost direction

soft text in the webmaster circles do not know when to begin popular, these soft text is usually empty, no content, the theme is messy, writing method is basically very rotten. These soft Wen, mostly in order to promote the website and write. These webmaster writers actually do not understand, soft Wen to write the real content, write valuable things, to bring their own effects will be better.

I am not against the webmaster write soft Wen to promote their website, but I am opposed to write soft webmaster. Think, speak, see online friends all can become a part of the soft, and boasted how feasible, its own website (here to leave your site address) is how in some way to do rankings, flow, how to use some methods to make money, in fact, the heart of the obvious all known.

often see a friend to write the article search optimization, similar content, in fact it is so limited that is the expression of toss about copy, change, and one of their own "soft" turned out to deliver the website was swept over. As everyone knows, he is just making some rubbish for the internet. At least you write SEO to their own unique insights, not their own ideas you can fart! All you copy to copy to upset, even a little sanjiamao cheating on a XXSEO, really, are you ashamed? Do you really think you are stone, you are Qiu Shida? Actually I mean not against you to do a XXSEO site on SEO, but you know you every day to send those garbage soft Wen had deviated from the so-called SEO, the real SEO not to waste for the purpose of manufacturing.

give some examples to talk about these promotional soft text hazards:

1, let some rookies go astray.

some day doing the dream of getting rich small birds, see you this article you will certainly prawns, make a fetish of on your theory is, regarded as a collection of tips, do you not know that he is going down a road back is not easy. The life of the webmaster is so boring. As a webmaster, you may have known it, but for them, everything is new. Is that what they can understand?

2, let some webmaster deviate from the course.

has been talking about SEO all the time, "the quality of the content of the website and the frequency of the update."". Yes, but you don’t know, most of the webmaster will you so-called web content quality has been reduced to content pseudo original. Perhaps you will say, redundant personal Adsense, pseudo original enough. Well, we do not talk about "pseudo original", I come to talk about "update frequency", precisely because of your "update frequency" directly lead to many webmaster lost direction, daily numbness to update pseudo original content. In fact, this is wrong.

personal webmaster how to do a good job site content?

to do a good webmaster, just rely on updates is absolutely not enough, the so-called quality of the content is not to do the so-called pseudo original, but to go to "summarize content >"