Domestic nternet navigation website discussion

about this problem. Also a friend, to do a navigation site for discussion.

, in fact, many users do not have a home page, some do not know what the Internet navigation or what is the computer home page. Because these users are commonly used in the Internet address in the mobile phone, QQ detailed information and some places, and did not care about or use the site navigation of such sites, so they do not know the Internet navigation such sites. Now the domestic Internet navigation site a lot (some write web site navigation, web site home, web site Daquan, etc., in fact, all the same), but there have always been new sites out. But most of them are reproductions. What are the actual designs for independent Internet navigation in China?


used to use hao123 and 265, and many websites now copy them. Belong to individual website, a navigation website, real use space is very few. Most of them are generated HTML, so space requirements are not high. That’s why so many people put one on the Internet, but not for commercial purposes.

is a good Internet navigation, see function and page, no popups no mods, in order to allow more visitors to accept, but the website style is personal love, for example I will use 226 Internet navigation (, because the classification clear, neat page, no popups, speed, etc. are favorites some of the features, you can set the common sites at home and hao123, but not as hao123 for machine or removal of no Cookies, can switch at any time, I feel very convenient, so I used it, this is a friend recommended. Many of my friends are using some local site navigation, but you belong to what is now the Internet industry, navigation in various industries have also appeared related to navigation website, if there is an ordinary visitors, of course with the popular type, Internet navigation utility, such as on site.

navigation, the use of dangerous, in fact, we should pay attention to. Some navigation website, and a software business, placing advertisements, but his advertising is such, plug-in, set home users, will be installed on this plug-in, this will affect Internet users, or in fact, site navigation on advertising does not affect visitors, but also convenient for visitors. But this type of computer can cause inconvenience to the visitor’s computer. But the well-known navigation website does not have this problem, therefore suggested that everybody use the well-known website. Such as 226, hao123, 265.

recommend you use 226 Internet navigation, - practical, safe, and clean pages. (not advertising, but personal feeling that this site is easy to use, convenient).