Liu Xingliang several aspects of happy net case

1, it seems happy 001 ( investment in place, because the lawsuit also requires a lot of fees, especially in China lawsuit. Plus a dozen days ago, happy 001 in Baidu bought advertising bits and brand zone, it seems to be really rich.

2, has been low-key Cheng Binghao finally pulled up the propaganda and promotion of the big screen. Cheng Binghao may also want to continue low-key down, but investors do not let ah, investors don’t want to wait for natural fruits fall off when ripe. Take a look at Sina’s headline, "exclusive: Kaixin, breaking the silence, formally suing thousands of oaks for unfair competition", yeah, and finally breaking the ice. That’s one of the reasons for the delay in suing thousands of oaks.

3, sue another reason is that thousand oak group more rich, and thousands of oaks happy nets do up, threatening to happy 001. If thousand oak is a small Hello, if thousands of oak happy net ( users rarely, it is estimated that there will not be such a lawsuit. Remember at the beginning of 2008, also appeared a copycat net inside the school, domain name is, website name also is called inside school net, also did not see what lawsuit to cause, because this copycat net does not have any menace to thousand oak.

4, this is a good point of speculation, for both sides is more advantages than disadvantages. Once there were two brothers, they had their own websites are three stream sites, the two brothers accuse each other of plagiarism, collusion, mutual infringement, the result? Two site Alexa rankings are soaring, as from three into the second flow site camp site.

5, a dinner, and domain name gangster Cai Wensheng talked of happy net domain events. When the happy 001 began unpopular, laocai will pay attention to 001 issues, then arrange hand down the query domain name, the domain name holder for $35 thousand. Laocai is busy, busy and forgot about it. Later, the domain name was bought by Fu Zhengjun of in Hangzhou, and the price should be around 35 thousand U. S. dollars. After buying this domain name, Fu Fu has found Cheng Binghao, hope to be able to be bought with this domain name, want 1.5 share. Did not expect to be Cheng Binghao heartless refusal. The story was known to all, the domain name were bought by Chen Yizhou. According to the old speculation, the price should be around $200 thousand, and there is no industry speculation that the price is so strange.

6, the CEO of technology, always has some kind of flaw. "It was a great loss, and a great mistake for Cheng Binghao," and until now, Cai Wensheng was still sorry for Cheng Binghao. The use of genuine domain name, thousands of oaks happy network turned out, so that Cheng Binghao anguish. Countless times in the dream, his intestines are green.

7, as to the lawsuit, who wins or loses, or the court’s decision. However, in accordance with the national conditions, in accordance with similar cases in the past