19 year old girl starts her own station because she is infatuated with the nternet

a lot of people see a question, must be 19 years old, how do not read ah,


of course it was because the home be not at all surprising, defects, leads to no way to school, so she chose out of school, society, and love on the net, the net is to put her in a net, think about why you do not net revenue?, go to work every day after work


began with the establishment of the idea, just start looking for what the net good! At last in the confusion has chosen to be a laughing figure! So the net Wangzhuan the first step, hard work for a period of time the theory class to play, then put a small amount of money the real war began (station). This should have some weekends also used in the station, so that more than 20 days later, the station has finally become less blank by the blank.

is the propaganda of the time, through many ways to start publicity, no way limited! Time on such a day in the past, not much traffic coming from QQ is the "trash" you stand, the heart is cool, hard for so long to talk not the heart is cool


so think about the article, change the content, the content is changed, and replaced by a gender based station, www.gaoyixia.cn time soon passed, and now it is already a whole month. What about the traffic? Still not up, many commercials have been rejected! Come back!


is not really easy ah, now I do not know or stick it back to my boring pointless to go to work, in this to help me help you people ah, tell me what to do! Gaoyixia sincerely ask you to help me out! QQ786787465

would like to see this piece of text, want to do stop before the beginning of the pause, and think about all aspects of your suitability for this thing? Do not like me at a loss of decision, really good regret!


limited ability to write poorly, please forgive me,