During the hard hitting period webmaster friends should learn to seize the opportunity

I often see a lot of negative news on the A5 forums. (my website was blocked today and my domain name was cancelled. The record can not pass, the domestic space too many restrictions, dating sites, forums are not out of the way! Some of the SF, about the key to shield off. No way, after moving to foreign space, too unstable, and even some owners also hope someone will take out to save the situation about the Internet!) is now the main group of Internet damage: (this is the results of a survey I worked in the A5 Forum), a total of 41 people. Participate in the vote, the result is:

1, domestic IDC – 7.32% (3)

2, advertising alliance — 0% (0)

3, personal webmaster — 92.68% (38)

may be a lot of people dissatisfied with this result, I explain here a little bit: because in the A5 forum, the most is a personal webmaster. Domestic IDC, advertising alliances are more companies, and they have their own funds, they can withstand the impact, and even at any time can be transformed. And we personal webmaster, many people rely on Web site life, so, research root in the end, the most hurt or our individual webmaster!


the Internet a major reorganization, many sites are faced with the crisis, including some large, at any time the possibility of collapse. There are many owners are not aware of, behind the crisis, often resentful of hidden opportunities. In short, the advent of business opportunities. In the end what business opportunities exist, I mainly talk about the following three categories:

1, professional records, agent for the record

Because the

network investigation record, a lot of the past did not record, or new sites are required to record, if the individual own words can be quite troublesome, but the speed is very slow, fast to 20 to pass the audit of genius. Many webmaster friends are willing to spend some money to call the agent for the record, the general market twenty or thirty yuan, 1-3 days prepared. Many people also joined the agency filing with the market demand is rush on like a swarm of hornets, know how much


2, selling foreign space, agent space

now a lot of movies, forums, private servers, plug-in, beautiful pictures, albums, novels and so on, the site has turned to foreign space. Avoid being domestic and lost in harmony. If your space is stable, the speed is fast and the price is reasonable, even if you don’t need to promote it yourself, the customer will come to you. Similarly, the sale space of the agent is the same.

3, professional sell link

believes that friends who do web sites will always soak up some webmaster forums and use some tools. Is there everywhere to see a lot of black chain, the chain of the corresponding advertising?.

sell black chain (dark chain): use hacker technology, black people’s Web site, forced to join shell. Many do sell black chain webmaster friend >