Big data era three kinds of data into furnishings

, as everyone shouted "big data age" today, the data seems to be mentioned at an unprecedented height. Whether individual owners or large and medium-sized companies, or large transnational groups, whether it is network marketing or offline marketing, are aware of the importance of data, all data to speak. However, according to niche, in many small and medium-sized companies and individual webmaster, more attention to the data, but the use of inadequate. The first statement, the data in front of the master, are a bit redundant, is a pediatrician so please do not master the display slight skill before an expert, thanks for your time.

many people do not know what kind of need to collect data; some do not know through what channels to collect data; and most do not know how to analyze the data collected, and it is not clear how to use these data. Therefore, a lot of data is just digital, can not go to the transformation and service for the company’s interests, has become a gorgeous display or tasteless.

, first of all, three types of data to be furnished:

1 emphasizes data, but it’s not clear how to collect it. This is the data type. The data in the fuzzy understanding, because of living in this information explosion era, the importance of various monasteries naturally preaching data, attention to data, know companies and enterprises to rely on data support and work plan. However, because there is no professional data related personnel, their own company (or individual webmaster) what data should be done, through which channels to collect and organize, it is a smattering of knowledge. Finally, possibly through brainstorming and online tutorials to so-called than suit, coupled with the advice of peers, and put all sorts of things together data, such data is really a natural.

2, understand the required data, but the source is not standardized, this is the "wrong data" type. A better understanding of the data, because in the Internet or the company fought for many years, for their own reasons and to know what the data needed. However, due to the lack of professional data personnel, the source and production of data are not standardized, and data acquisition may also be error. Therefore, these data may be distorted, the use of natural value is not great. In fact, this kind of data is more beautiful than the first kind.

3 will do the data, but not the analysis, which is the "base data" type. Have a clear understanding of the data, and accurate data sources and clear data needs, but to Baoshan and empty into the back, but not by sitting on the gold, it is the real money data bring to belittle? Just a simple collection of data to form visual statements, but only these data can explain what the problem is.

what is the meaning of data, how to interpret the data to create value for companies and individuals, how to avoid possible risks by using the data, how to use data analysis problems? These are the real value of the data.

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