How to solve the problem of user independent communication and sharing in APP operation

today, master Yang cicada always ask me, you are a good APP operation? How many users of your products? What is the total cost of acquiring the user stickiness??…… haven’t come first, some problems have emerged appear, so I am a good APP operation? Let me not think about this problem, whether it is a good operation he said not, even colleagues say not, the boss said is not



I’m thinking about some of the four issues:

1, how to get more users

2, how to reduce access to user costs

3, how to free access to the user

4, how to increase user stickiness

A friend told mystery,

later said APP Chan Master, the ultimate operation is to allow users to share communication. It is indeed the reason, users are willing to self APP, because she "fell in love with the products’, when she" fell in love with numerous products’ self propagation, viscous nature is not a problem, then because the user independent share, we reduced the user acquisition costs, increase a free access to the user’s channel thus, we get more users.

so, back to where the dream started, I’m not a good operator. Before answering, I might ask myself, "does my product have 50% to 80% users who have been autonomous?".

to solve user self propagation problems, some people say that the material incentive is one way, indeed! Money talks, bullshit walks., a part of the user only by rewards, red hands, the go go, this is not the user understand style, but the reality is so cruel. The material incentive method only temporarily solves the problem of users’ share communication, and does not solve the two core words’ autonomy ‘or’ voluntary’.

point, or to return to the product itself


users are willing to share? Is that practical? I’m afraid this is not enough, especially the lack of practical tools APP properties, the use of low frequency problem has been very prominent, even the giant Alipay is no exception. So, make sense. Master cicada feels that tool APP functionality can solve this problem if it is practical and fun.

here we come through several beauty class APP to see how they will be useful in combination with fun.

first example:

A beauty machine

Angel supermodel APP class, the main user group class beauty APP mainly women groups, the girls are eager to have an angel face, the devil figure, so this kind of APP fully grasp the user pain points, launched a very fun supermodel Angel machine function, the conventional camera is self beautification >