2009 a personal webmaster’s confusion

spent three or four years in the end in this website, the number of harvest I don’t know, now about to graduate employment but do not want the individual owners to continue, may go to have nothing to do with the internet post, may also go to a professional network company, of course, is my personal website hobbies, even if the future really has nothing to do with the word individual stationmaster I will always pay attention to the number of the large groups.

website has been an important force in the diversification of the Internet world, many large web sites are beginning to rely on personal webmaster can grow up, such as the recent Ali mother, as well as earlier Google Adsense in Chinese promotion, can be said that the individual stationmaster contributed a large part of the Internet, China rely on these personal webmaster gradually to every corner of the information network.

but the personal website basically is one independent in operation, a person undertakes a website all the development, management and promotion and advertising optimization, have to spend a lot of time on the Internet every day, busy this busy that time, you will find friends in life is less, because of your relationship touch is very simple, in addition to your online friends, your life circle is very small. Now I wonder if I specialized in this industry after graduation, rely on personal income for the website, my character will become more and more not good at communicating with people who don’t understand human accident, even can not find friends, and this is not what I want to see.

A single

profit model is a very practical issue facing many personal websites, personal websites at present most of the revenue from advertising, which is advertising most advertising alliance advertising, like Google Adsense, Ali Mama, Baidu theme promotion, before just to build a waste station can be advertising, but now advertising alliance climate has become the personal webmaster use has been limited, and advertising staff also busy with many cheating, many web sites and blogs began to abandon the small letter, account and raise the threshold and high minimum payments began, this let many webmaster began downhearted, hard year account it was closed, of course, generally have the ability of individual owners is not affected by this impact, even by A bit of influence will soon find a way to cope with it.

also says that the type of site, now a lot of personal website types are single, do not have their own characteristics, some simply do a dumpster, to a site of long-term development, must have the original content, should have their own characteristics. There are a lot of people do the entertainment website, but for small and medium sized music and video and novel website, almost all of the contents out of copyright, the copyright owner once held up, most of the site is likely because of copyright issues facing off the wall.

, in fact, the website has done so now, I have not yet thought of the way I do website, and several websites I have done are now basically shelved