Fool type station so that more time to the webmaster himself

is now the construction site of the threshold is very low, so a registered domain name, select the suitable site space, then choose a suitable site program, even for HTML, CSS and other professional technology is not very good people can in a very short time to build a network station. Lower the threshold, so that more people want to build a web site through the network business, and fear that they do not understand programming language and web design can not be involved in the people, with the opportunity to build the site. The emergence of a variety of site building procedures, it really gives the webmaster a lot of excellent experience and management, construction site convenience. As a webmaster, the most concern is one of the development of the website construction system, CMS is undoubtedly the most popular website system concerned circles, all kinds of outstanding CMS system emerge in an endless stream, dedecms and Empire CMS long ago have launched a new version of phpcms, PHP168, CMS etc. PowerEasy, foosun well-known brand is not far behind the competition, constantly updated their program. CMS station system continues to develop, for the webmaster, no doubt to the webmaster brought more choice, choose a CMS system, for the webmaster and small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations to build beautiful and practical web site is very important.

then, for the webmaster, in the selection of CMS site system, what are the standards? No doubt, the function is rich and powerful, simple and easy to use, is the webmaster to choose the most basic standard cms. Can save more time in the station, is the webmaster most hope that CMS system can help achieve the purpose. Because the site built out, empty gorgeous interface is useless, there is no flow can not be extended to attract more users, the site construction is good, but also an empty shell. The early site is the most important period for a web site, the site has just formed, no qualitative aspects need to enrich the content on the site, and to develop a series of operational plans, to better carry out SEO and promotion activities. Only SEO and promotion do well, the website can attract more traffic, and more traffic into the site’s loyal users. As the saying goes, a new official, three fire, the early stage of the station should have three spirit of fire, to the site just on the line, it will invest the greatest effort and time to optimize and promote the site. If in the initial stage of the station, will spend a lot of time on the site of the technical level of production, there will be no more energy and time into the website operation promotion. Therefore, the choice of a powerful, simple and easy to use CMS system can save a lot of time for the webmaster, if the time saved for the operation of the site optimization and promotion, the webmaster will benefit greatly.

not long ago, a webmaster friend told me a month where his new construction industry, Baidu and Gu Geshuang have been included, keyword ranking is also good, more important is the site has been well-known in the local small. I was surprised, he asked, a new station on the line for a month, is how to do this? He told me, is the main site of early site to build and perfect the soon, will be more time for the promotion of SEO and online and offline. He told me it was mainly >